Charity chain letter (published). Early Craig Shergold. Send Get Well card. England, Oct. 1989.

10 Oct. 1989
To: Councillor R. Blower

Dear Ron
We recently received information about a 7 year old boy Craig Shergold, who is terminally ill, with tumours on the brain and spine. Craig's dearest wish is to get into "The Guinness Book of Records" and friends have suggested that he may achieve this by receiving the greatest number of "Get-well Cards." I am sure you will wish to help Craig in achieving his dream by sending a card to:

Craig Shergold
Princess Chula Ward
Royal Marsden Hospital
Fulham Road

Perhaps you would also pass this request to colleagues and friends as soon as possible, and let us hope that we will see Craig's name in "The Guinness Book of Records" in the near future.

From: "To Councillor R. Blower." Dear Mr. Thoms Occasional Newsletter of the British Folk Studies Forum, 14 Jan. 1990. Quoted in Guigne, p. 78.


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