Petition (charity) chain letter (published). Medgar Evers. Send one dollar to Mississippi Governor. US, 1964

                                                                                              February 19, 1964
Dear ______,
   I expect you dislike chain letters as much as we do, but please read on.  This concerns the death of Medgar Evers in Mississippi.  There are several needs that follow his tragic shooting: (1) his family needs help; (2) a large group of Americans need to express their position on this matter; (3) we need to say something effective to the governor and people of Mississippi.

   An idea has been conceived by some of our friends that might accomplish these three purposes in one act.  It is proposed to flood Governor Barnett's desk with envelopes containing checks for $1.00 which will automatically make him a trustee of money that he can only deliver to the Evers family.  An attorney says that the checks should be made out exactly as follows: "Ross Barnett, Trustee of Memorial Fund of Family of Medgar Ever."  They should be mailed to Governor Ross Barnett, State Capitol, Jackson, Mississippi.  Although a new governor was inaugurated a couple of weeks ago, our checks will reach Governor Barnett and the new administration will get the message.

   A number of us are receiving and transmitting this proposal as a chain of human concern.  We are writing to nine other people whom we think would be interested, and if the letter goes through five progressions in an unbroken chain, the Governor should receive 100,000 envelopes on his desk within ten days.
   We hope this will interest you!

From: Alan Dundes and Carl R. Pagter, Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire, American Folklore Society, Austin, 1975.  See Dundes & Pagter   and  New York Times 1964 (Feb. 27, p. 20:2) - 5,000 letters received by Barnett. 


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