Charity chain letter. War thrift savings. Send 25¢ cent saving stamp & letter to five friends. US, 1918.

                                                           March 29, 1918.

Mr. R.A. Martin, Sheriff
        Wynne, Ark.,

Dear Reg:-

             Ordinary chain letters are a great nuisance, and one
usually feels like throwing them into the waste basket. In fact,
unless the object strongly appeals to me, this has been my custom
heretofore, but I have come to feel that NO ANNOYANCE is too great

and NO SACRIFICE too much, when it helps to win this war.  There-
fore I am enclosing herewith a Government Thrift Stamp card upon
which the first stamp I have attached.  You will please fill out
the card at your convenience.

       Please BUY five Thrift Cards similar to this, place a stamp
on each card and mail the cards with stamps attached to FIVE OF
YOUR FRIENDS, as I am doing. DO NOT FAIL to send a list of names
of those to whom you send cards to the War Savings Committee, 51
Chambers St., New York City.

       Write a letter similar to this one to each of your friends
and impress upon them to vital importance of NOT BREAKING the CHAIN.
If this chain is carried out in its entirety, the results will be
very beneficial in raising funds for our Government to WIN the War.
                                 Yours very truly,
                                      W. J. Driver

WJD:CS  - DO NOT Break the Chain

Transcribed from the image of an Ebay auction lot (won by another bidder). Typed letter. Keystrokes preserved. Possible truncation of names at the bottom. No envelope. Sic : "upon them to vital importance..."  Final "Do not break the chain" hand printed.  Ebay lot closed 5/23/2006. Entered by DWV.


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