Charity chain letter. Self-terminating. For Billy Westbury. Send 10 cents & 5 copies. US, 1915.
                              [ Engraving of "Missouri's New Capitol"]
                        CAPITAL CITY WATER CO.

           OPERATING OFFICE                                          JEFFERSON CITY, MO.
                  COR. MAIN & MONROE.                                         December 20, 1915.

                                                          No. 30


          Harry Dressler

          Joe Norton

          Will Landmann

          W. M. Wisby

          Jim Wetton

          Gentlemen-  This chain was started for the purpose of raising
a fund to assist an old railroad man, W. D. Westberry, who is down
and out on account of a long siege of sickness, after spending the
greater part of his life in the Railroad service.  He can never get
well, and having one arm, a widowed mother and no income, we will help
him in this way and if all will respond a sufficient fund will be
raised to make Billy comfortable while he is still with us.

          Please make five copies of this letter as I have done and only
change the date and put the next higher number at the top, numbering
and dating, sign and mail the five copies to five of your friends
who you know will take like action.

          Mail this letter and 10 cents to Mr. T. W. Proctor, General
Agent, C. M. & St. P. Ry. No. 307 Marquette Bldg. Chicago, Ill.  Mr.
Proctor will see that the funds are properly delivered.

          This chain will end with 50.  The parties receiving No. 50
will please return the letters with 10 cents and make no copies at the
end of the chain.

          Please do not break the chain, but I certainly appeal to you
to give it prompt action and thereby help a worthy railroad man.

                           Your very truly.
                                  L. B. Landmann

Carbon copy (?) letter on company stationery of the Capital City Water Co., Jefferson City, Mo. Letter dated Dec. 20, 1915. Envelope (stamped, company return address) is addressed to Mr. W. M. Wisby, Mexico, Mo. Envelope postmarked in Jefferson City on Dec. 20, 1915. Keystrokes preserved. Signed L. B. Landmann. Same charity letter was published in the Independent, see  ce1916-05-08p_billy_sdq5. Ebay lot 6517389656 closing on 3/11/2005. Provided by Brentlinger's Emporium, Palmyra, Mo. Entered by DWV on 3/21/2005.


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