Charity (political) chain letter. Partial edited text. Democratic Congressional Committee. US, 1906.

If there was ever a time in the history of the Democratic Party for manifestations of Loyalty & patriotism on the part of members, it is now.
If we are to win a victory & elect a new president two years hence, we must first elect a House of Representatives.
A Democratic House . . . will investigate every department of government, all honeycombed by "graft," edges of which were only touched by recent exposure and prosecution.
It will be a revelation of rottenness that will astound the country.
To win the house . . . we need money. We have no protected monopolies like the Republicans.
Send us $1 and write 3 letters to 3 friends asking them to do the same.

From J.M. Griggs, chairman.

Fragments of text, apparently edited, used in an ebay lot description. Reserve was not met, lot went unsold. Unable to contact seller (banneradman). Description: original letter typed and reproduced. No means to authenticate. Ebay lot 2184137086. Edited and entered by DWV, 8/3/2003.


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