Charity chain letter. Barnardo Homes. Send three stamps, three copies. England, 1903.

(130)   (?) Isolation Hospital
                    Ha(??) Road

It is proposed to raise a sum
of money for the Barnardo's Homes
to make up the receipts for
past years total.
As a consequence of war Funds
the subscriptions have fallen off
to such an extent that unless
Dr. Barnardo receives enough
to make up he contemplates
closing the doors: but who with
a spark of love for little children
will allow this to happen if it
can be avoided.
  The doors have been open for
years, & you are asked to keep
them open if possible.
All you have to do is to make
three copies of this letter, placing
the next number (131) at the
top of the three letters, (each
copy must have the same
number) sign your name & send
to three of your friends.
     Return this letter to
Miss Robertson, The Square,
Kenilworth, enclose three
stamps & the address of your
  Although this may seem a little
thing to do, yet any one breaking
the chain inflicts a severe loss
to the undertaking.
   The person who receives no. 180
will return the copy without
sending on, & end the chain.
  Remember our Saviour's love
for little children & do the
work asked of you to carry
on Dr. Bernardo's Home.
       Copied by
              Jane Love
May 8th, 1903

Hand written in black ink on 8.5 by 6 inch paper. Landscape format, three pages of text. Twice folded to fit a 3 3/4 by 4 3/4 inch envelope. Envelope not mailed: addressed to Miss J. Love, Medford House. Enclosed 2 3/8 by 3 9/16 card is printed "Miss Love" and "Bedford House, Wolsingham". On the back is written "Hearty Congratulations & best wishes from The Misses Love. June 1906," in the same hand as the letter. Also written on the card, smaller, with different ink and possibly a different hand: "June 7th Sarah & Fred Hetherington." Presumably the above 1903 letter was retained, and this card is unrelated and was inserted in the envelope years later. Provider reports that Miss Jane Love appears on the 1881 UK census. Ebay lot 2155403034 closing on Feb. 2, 2003. Provided by Patricia Rushton. Entered by DWV on 2/14/03.


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