"Charity" chain letter (published).  Seeking missing people.  US, 1902.

Evanston, Ill. February 24, 1902.

Dear Friend -- Will you kindly help a heart broken father and two mothers in an effort to find their loved ones, by writing three
copies of this letter and sending them over your own signature to three friends, and making the same request of them, and so on,
forming and endless chain. If you will give this letter to the newspapers in your town, you will aid greatly in giving it world wide circulation.

Miss Florence A. Ely and her nephew, Frank Ely Rogers, disappeared from their home, 713 Hinman Ave., Evanston Illinois, July 13, 1901.
Nothing has been heard of them since.

Miss Ely is forty years of age, very thin, weights from 90 to 100 pounds.  Face rather long, very expressive, and dark brown hair.
Large dark brown eyes with an intense expression are her most notable feature.  Good music teacher, attractive to children.

Frank E. Rogers will be fourteen years of age on March, 1902. Height about 5 feet 2 inches, weight about 80 pounds. Medium brown hair,
gray-blue eyes, long, slender hands, is left-handed, writes with either right or left; draws well always using left hands.

Only love and a glad welcome await them both.

A large reward will be cheerfully given for information leading directly to the restoration of either or both.

Printed letters with pictures will be sent upon request.

Gratefully yours,
Mrs. Clara A. Ely.
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rogers.

Send all information to James C. Rogers, 713 Hinman Ave, Evanston, Ill.

Published on the front page of  The Daily News-Democrat, Belleville, Ill., Feb. 26, 1902.  Title: "Scheme being used to find missing ones." Subtitles: "From Evanston, Ill. Relatives of Miss Florence A. Ely and Frank Ely Rogers have started it." The article continues: "The endless chain scheme, which through the ingenious mind of some individual, was launched several years ago, and which since its invention has been used in connection with business schemes for making money, for schemes in raising funds for various purposes, and for hundreds of other purposes, has now been put to use in the hope that Miss Florence A. Ely and her nephew, Frank Ely Rogers, who disappeared very suddenly from their home if Evanston, Ill, might be located or found. The following endless chain circular issued by relatives of the missing ones, was received by friends of the family in this city Tues., and explains itself" (text above in bold).  After the text the article states that the missing are from "one of the the wealthiest and most refined families in Evanston." The disappearance is "shrouded in the deepest mystery." A "handsome reward" is offered. States that within the last few weeks the circulars and copies have been forwarded over the entire United States, and that no clues have been received. Correct street name ("Hinman" - illegible on image) gotten from Google ("Evanston Illinois streets"). Address 713 on Hinman no longer exists.

Reference and images supplied by Richard Stephens via email. Entered by DWV, 6/20/2008.


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