Charity chain letter. President McKinley Memorial. Three copies. US, 1901.

[Baltimore & Ohio logo and letterhead. F. C. Copper, Traveling Passenger Agent, Newark, O.]


                                                                                  No. 14.

Dear Sir:-
             It has been suggested that a subscription be started with
a view of accumulating a fund for the purpose of erecting a monument to
our late martyred President William McKinley, in his cemetery lot at
Canton, Ohio.     Judge Day of that City has been spoken of as president
of such a movement.    In no way is it possible to raise an amount of
money for such a movement so quickly as by the chain system.
  Will you therefore kindly send 10¢ with this letter to Judge William
Day at Canton, Ohio., writing three extra copies of this letter, signing
your name, numbering each one of them just one higher than this, which
is number fourteen, sending same to three of your friends requesting
them to interest themselves in this worthy movement. Do not break the chain.
  If you have already received one of these letters return this one to me.

                                                                                                   Yours resp'ly,
                                            F. P. Copper

    R.R. to Mr. F. P. Copper, Newark, Ohio.
                   Please Kindly count me out
    on this chain and very much oblige
                                  Yours always,
                                       T. G. Tueken
Sandusky, Dec. 17th 1901

Typed letter on "The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company" letterhead stationery (Passenger Department). "F. C. Copper" embossed on letterhead, but signed by "F. P. Copper."  No envelope. Keystrokes preserved. Italics represent handwriting in black ink on bottom of letter. See the New York Times, "Mason's McKinley Fund," Sept,. 27, 1906, p. 7:2. [Statement that McKinley National Memorial Association is not involved with an effort by Masons to collect money for a McKinley memorial. They received "a number of endless - chain letters" soliciting money for a monument at late president's cemetery lot in Canton, Ohio.]. Purchased from Grant St. Estate Sales, Lancaster, PA by DWV. Entered 6/14/02. Have same chain, 1905.


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