Charity Chain Letter.  Public Hospital - Somerville, N. J.   Send 10 cents.  Four copies.  No. 19/100.   US, 1899. 
          No. `19
For the "Democrat" Endless Chain use this form of letter. Do not change wording. Send this letter with ten cents to the Democrat. Miss Sadie Syck.

  An endless chain has been formed by the "Somerset Democrat" for the purpose of raising a fund for the erection of a public Hospital in the town of Somerville, N. J.  Our people will contribute liberally toward the erection of the building, but are unable to raise a sufficient amount to erect the building and properly equip the same.

  We feel assured that you will be willing to contribute your mite toward helping us provide for unfortunate strangers who may need an Institution of this nature to save their lives.
  If, upon receiving this communication, you will make four (4) copies and send to four (4) friends, you will greatly oblige me personally, and will aid a most commendable object.
  When you have made four (4) copies, please return this letter with ten cents to the "Democrat Endless Chain," Somerville, N. J.
  Please number the head of each copy the next higher number than the one at the head of this letter, and sign your address to each.
  The person receiving No. 100 will please send it to the "Democrat," Somerville, N. J. with ten cents but without making any copies.
  Please do not break the chain, which may result in strangers not receiving proper medical attention, nursing, and food.
  If you should never need the care of an institution of this character personally, it may be the means of saving the life of some one who is near and dear to you.
                                        Mary E. Bush,
                                           New Brunswick,
                                                New Jersey.

Transcribed from a handwritten letter offered on eBay in October, 2014. One sheet of paper, folded once, the resulting four faces written on in ink.  Lines lengthened here, but paragraphs preserved. Envelope postmarked in Whitehouse Station, N. J. on March 26, 1899.  Addressed to: Miss Mary E. Bush, New Brunswick, N. J.  No return address (but back of envelope is not displayed in auction photographs). Presumably the sender signed Miss Bush' address at the bottom of the letter instead of her own address as instructed in the letter.     Entered by DWV, Oct. 13, 2014.


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