Charity chain letter. Louisville, Kentucky orphans home. Send dime, three copies. US, 1896? No. 21.

                                                                                                      No. 21

[Image of violets]

          Efforts are being made to raise funds to sustain the Christian Orphans Home of Louisville Ky.  This Institution has been in Existance a number of years and has been right nobly aided by the Christian peopl of Ky. . But at present is rather short of funds.  It is not the will of our Heavenly Father that these little helpless ones living in poverty ignorance & sin should perish.  They are calling for help.  Will you heed the call?  By this help they will be able to go on doing good.

Please make three copies of this as I have done only changing the number at the top numbering them all the same and signing your name and the names and the address of those to whom you have written and they in turn are asked to do the same; Please return this letter with ten cents to Mr. L. B. Graham, # 809 W. Jefferson St. Louisville, Ky.

Although this seems a small matter to you, one brake in the chain involves serious loss to the enterprise.  Any one not willing to do this is asked to return this letter to Mr. L. B. Graham that he may know the chain is broken. The one getting no. 58 return to Mr. Graham as it completes the chain.
                                               Very Truly

   Minnie Burdon
       Fisherville Kentucky

Mrs Girtrude Smith
            Clark Kentucky

Miss Emma Wisehart
            Jeffersontown, Ky.

Miss Mattie Driskill
            Fisherville Ky

Hand written in ink on lined stationary decorated with violets.  Folded vertically, writing on three sides. No envelope. Seller estimated 1898 mailing but this was revised to 1896 after comparison to ce1896-04-28_orphans-ky_sdq3, received later. Sic "peopl", "..", "Existance", "brake".  Purchased by D. VanArsdale from Dan McGuire, Frazer, PA.  Ebay lot number 54302964.  My format.


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