Charity chain letter. Good Will Farm. Send 10 cents & 3 copies. Self-terminates at 50. US, 1896.

                                                               No. 45.

                                                    Freeman Maine.
                                                         March 8, 1896

Mrs. Chas. Turner,
    North Freeman, Maine.

Good Will Farm.
On which are five homes for needy boys, is supported by voluntary contributions.  The home contains sixty boys.  The property is held by the Good Will Association, which is under the laws of Maine.

An endowment fund is much needed and a friend unbeknown to those interested adopted a plan to secure funds and one in which he asks your aid.  Make three copies of this as I have done and changing only the date putting on the next higher No which will be 46 send this to
                              Rev G. W. Hinckley,
                                       East Fairfield, Maine

Send also the names of those to whom you wrote and a dime.  Sign your name at the end of each copy.  Anyone not wishing to do as requested will please send to Mr. Hinckley.  Although it may seem a small matter yet anyone who does not send a dime and copies will seriously injure the enterprise.  The one receiveing No 50 will please send it to Mr. Hinckley with a dime as that ends the chain.
                         Yours truly,
                              Mrs. G. A. Page
                                    Freeman Maine.

Handwritten letter on 9 5/8 (horiz.) by 8 inch paper, folded vertically. No envelope. Came with a poll tax book also from Freeman, Maine. Above reformatted - original had 42 lines. Sic "receiveing".  Provided by James Burrill of Strong, Maine. Ebay lot 1117755047 (closed March 7, 2001). Archived by VanArsdale.


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