Charity Chain Letter   For church building, Sutton, Neb.   Send 10 cents and two copies.  No. 9 of 40.   US, 1895
                                                     (No. 9)
                                               Putnam, Conn.,
                                                  April 13th 1895

       Miss Grace Ames:
               South Killingsly,
                 Dear Friend: The Congregational Church at Sutton, Neb. finds itself compelled to erect a new church its present building erected in 1825 is in a dilapidated condition and far too small to accommodate either its congregation or Sunday School.
It desires to build a church which shall contain a reading room, lecture-room, parlor bath-room and gymnasium to be open every day of the week so as to counteract the evil influences of the saloons gambling and billiard halls in the town.
On account of the failure of crops the past two years the Church feels unable to build without some assistance, we therefore, kindly request your aid. Make two copies of this letter only changing the date and put the next higher number at the top numbering both alike.

Sign you name and send these letters to two of your friends.
Return this letter to the pastor Rev. J. Flook, Sutton, Neb. enclosing ten (10) cents also the name and addresses of the two friends to whom you have written letters and they will do the same.

Any one not wishing to do this is requested to return this to Rev. J. Flook, that he may know the chain has been broken.
Although this may seem a small matter to you yet one break in the chain will involve serious loss to the enterprise.
The person receiving No. 40, please return the letter without making any copies.
               Yours truly
                  Grace I. Holland

Hand written on a 6 3/4 by 8 3/4 inch sheet of paper. No envelope. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, April 15, 2014.


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