Charity chain letter. Orphan's home - Iowa. Send 10 cents and 3 copies. US, 1893.

No. 112.

                        S. Chatham, Mass.
                                    May 29, 1893.
Dear Mertie,-
               You have probably heard
of the Orphan's Home, Council
Bluffs, Iowa.        It is a
Christian Home, its object
being to save and rescue
destitute children.
  There are a number of
needed improvements .
Ought we not to help them?
It will cost you ten cents
and a little trouble.
  Each person receiving one of
these letters is requested to
return it to the Home with
ten cents, after having written
three exact copies, with the
exception of changing the
date, and putting the next
higher number and
signing your own name.
  Put the same number on
all three, and send them
to three friends.  Then do
not forget the ten cents
wrapped in paper which
you must send to the
manager with the names
and addresses of your
three friends, that he may
know the chain is not
broken.  Any break in
the chain may cause serious
injury to the enterprise.
  Those receiving 791 are
requested to return the
same with ten cents.
  Can we not do this in his
    Yours I. H. N.
               Ethel M. Eldredge,
                        S. Chatham

Handwritten letter on folded 6 3/4 x 9 inch unlined paper. Envelope postmarked May 30, 1893 in South Chatham (Mass.). Addressed to Miss Mertie E. Kelley, Normal Hall, Bridgewater, Mass. No return address. Lines preserved. Provided by Michelle R. Keresi. Ebay lot  6274904438 closing 5/02/2006. Entered by DWV on 5/9/2006.


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