Charity chain letter. New Hampshire Church. Send 10 cents, two copies. US, 1888.

            B. No. 5

      North Haverskill
                               Dec. 22. 1888

      Dear Friend
                For three and one half years the People of this Village have been holding regular preaching service in a O. F. Hall. A little over a year ago a lot of land was purchased upon which to erect a Church. A foundation has been laid, and now we are ready for the structure. The People have subscribed nobly but are unable to raise among them Selves sufficient money for this purpose.
               To obtain this is the purpose or object of sending out this request asking persons receiving one to make out two copies of it putting on the top of each the letter B. and the next highest number. You are to return this with a dime inclosed to Rev. Wm Ramsden Pastor of M. E. Church, Derry Depot, N.H. The two Friends are asked to do in turn exactly the same thing with as little delay as possible.
               Those receiving No. 13 are asked to close up the matter by sending the one they receive inclosed with the dime, with out making copies to Mr. Ramsden. Every one declining to join this scheme is requested to return this letter to Mr Ramsden as it is the only way he may know the chain has been broaken. And although it seems but a small sum and a little trouble to each Person receiving this yet a break may cause serious loss to this very needy cause.

              We prayerfully send forth this appeal asking a hearty responce for the Master's sake and his cause here
                                Very Truely Yours

                                        Susan M. Haywood

Handwritten in pale black ink on 5 1/4 by 9 7/8 piece of paper (landscape format, folded in quarters, text 1:2-3:4). No envelope but letter is dated Dec. 22, 1888. Paragraphs (only) preserved. Sic "inclosed", "broaken", "responce", truely". Ebay lot no. 2228762273. Provided by Rum Trail Antiques, Rouses Point, NY. Entered by DWV, 3/9/2002.


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