Charity Chain Letter.  The House of Mercy (Pittsfield, Mass.). Copy quota two. Send six cents in stamps.   US, 1889.
                                                                                      No. 8

It is proposed to raise money to endow "the child's cot" at the House of Mercy (a hospital in Pittsfield, Mass.) If all aid in the following scheme a considerable sum will be forthcoming with little trouble. Each person upon receiving this paper is asked to make two copies of the same, putting at the top the next higher number (the same number on both copies) and give them to two friends, at the same time returning this paper with six cents in stamps to Mrs. M. H. Hinsdale, Pittsfield, Mass. Your friends are asked to do the same with as little delay as possible. Those who receive No. 20 are requested to close the matter by sending it with six cents in stamps to Mrs. Hinsdale without making further copies. Any one declining to join in the scheme is asked to return the paper at once, for this is the only way that Mrs. Hinsdale can know that the chain is broken, and although it requires only six cents and a little trouble to each person, yet any break in the chain involves a serious loss to the fund.

Published: Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois), 6 Nov. 1888, p 7. Title: "The House of Mercy at Pittsfield, Mass."  " ... is a charitable institution of eight years' existence and good standing in the community."  Entered by DWV, Dec. 12, 2013.


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