Advocacy chain letter. Antiapartheid. Send ten copies, no list. Plus 0ne to Dr. Mboya. US, 1988.

Department of English
The Ohio Sate University
Columbus, OH 43210-1370

July 28, 1988

Paul Smith
The Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language
The University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2TN

Dear Paul:

A chain letter linking world academics in solidarity for the
abolition of apartheid in South Africa has been initiated by Dr.
Mzobanzi Mboya of the University of Cape Town.  I was made a part
of this chain by Professor Dennis R. Preston of Eastern Michigan

Would you please join this chain by inviting ten other academic
persons, not necessarily in your own field or country, to carry
on the chain by inviting ten others.

Please send one copy of your letter to:

    Dr. Mzobanzi Mboya
    Department of Education
    University of Cape Town
    Private Bay
    Tondebosch 7700

Patrick B. Mullen

Typed letter. Keystrokes preserved. Collected by Paul Smith.


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