Advocacy chain letter. Anti-apartheid. Dr. Mboya. Ten copies. International, 1988.

                        February 17, 1988

Dear Friend:

     Dr. Mzobanzi Mboya of the University of Cape Town has
initiated a chain of solidarity to express support by
university teachers throughout the world for the demand to
abolish apartheid in South Africa.

     I have received a letter in this chain from Claude
Calame, Universite de Lausanne.  Please join the chain by
writing ten further teachers, and send a copy of your letter
         Dr. M. Mboya,Department of Education,University of
         Cape Town,Private Bag,RONDEBOSCH 7700,South Africa

     With many thanks for your support,

                       Yours sincerely,


                       Lowell Edmunds

cc: Victor Bers
Phyllis Culham
William Hansen
Jeffrey Henderson
Robert Mondi
Gregory Nagy
Kurt Raaflaub
Charles Segal
Daniel Tompkins
Froma Zeitlin

Typed letter on Johns Hopkins University stationery (Dept. of Classics).  Keystrokes preserved. Collected by William Hansen, Bloomington, IN. 


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