Advocacy chain letter.  Wendell Willkie for President.  Ten copies, no list. US, 1940.

                                                                              401 Security Building
                                         Denver, Colorado
                                         August 15th, 1940


       This can be accomplished if the AMERICAN PEOPLE elect Wendell
Willkie as President, and instruct and empower him to oust the Fifth
Column of Reds and Pinks right out of Washington.  They are already
on the White House Lawn.  Let us do our very best to keep them out
of the White House itself.

       To defeat President Roosevelt's third term aspirations or any
other New Deal candidate for President, the Republicans have nominated
a Candidate who will attract sufficient Democratic votes to the
Republican column to enable them to win.  They cannot win if they de-
pend solely on Republican votes.

       Wendell Willkie, a former Democrat, should be welcome as a
candidate to all Republicans, and he should attract a sufficient number
of Democratic votes to win the election.  He has had the wisdom, decency,
and intestinal fortitude to agree with the New Dealers when he believed
them right and to disagree with them when he believed them wrong,
despite the fact that they could easily have wrecked him and his utility
companies.  This takes the kind of a man who would make the kind of
President we need in this crisis.

       Actually, Wendell Willkie has exceptional ability and courage.
Now that the Republicans have nominated him on a sound platform, the
pledges of which we have every reason to believe he will keep, the
Republican Party has an outstanding advantage   in the coming election.


                                       W. A. Scott

P. S.  This is a chain letter.  Please do not fail to send a copy
       to at least ten of your friends.  Do not break this chain.
       It may easily accomplish this most desirable objective.
       Please return if you do not wish to co-operate.

                       - - - - - - - - - - -

(I seldom pay any attention to a chain letter.  I am co-operating in
 this movement because of my belief this chain will help somewhat in
 the campaign.)

Copy of one page typed letter.  Keystrokes preserved. Copy provided by Wendell Peterson of  Ida, MI, who won the original on Ebay. Digitized on 5/30/01 by D. VanArsdale.


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