Advocacy chain letter.  Anti-war.  Chain petition. "Is your life worth 5 cents to you?"  US, 1939.

Why should the United States go to war over Europe's problems? If you think we shouldn't let your congressman in Washington know it. Do it today.
Tomorrow could be too late. Is your life worth 5 cents to you?  If so:
1. Buy five penny postals.
2. Address one to 'Hon. Senator (from your state), Washington, D.C.' and tell him 'Vote No on any war bill unless our very shores are attacked.'
3. Address one each to four friends you know don't want war. On the back, copy this card exactly.
A few million penny postals can avert war.

Published: The Daily Messenger (Canandaigua, New York), 17 April 1939, p. 3. Title: "Chain Letter Enlists Support to Fight U.S. Participation in War"     "... a penny postal received this week by a Canandaiguan read something like this:"   Entered by DWV, Dec. 9, 2013.


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