Advocacy chain letter. Prosperity Club pledge.  " ... on May 1, 1935, we will all start together, buying and working."  US, 1935.
We pledge ourselves that on May 1, 1935, we will all start together, buying and working. Beginning on that date, every business man will employ extra help, and everybody will start to purchase in larger quantities. Buy or build a home, have poor furniture repaired, buy furniture, awnings, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, radios, refrigerators, automobiles, etc., etc., stock up on food, shoes and clothing! Our motto: 'Work and buy.' One hundred and twenty million people working and buying will bring back prosperity to all. Help your country, your president and yourself.
This is a chain letter - do not break a link. Copy and mail to at least five people. Copy exactly as written.

Published: Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts), March 1, 1935, p. 6. In the "Here and There" column. "It is a pretty outline, save that it lacks one important direction. Nothing is said as to what is to be used for money to carry it out."  Entered by DWV, March 4, 2014.


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