Advocacy chain letter. To President Hoover: modify prohibition. Ten copies. US, 1932.
                                                 June 1st, 1932.

Honorable Herbert Hoover,
President of the United States,
Executive Mansion,
Washington, D.C.

My dear Mr. President:

            The prolonged depression and suffering
derived from it (now effecting the great majority of
the American people) would be greatly alleviated by
modification of the PROHIBITION LAWS.

It is my humble opinion that the emergency
which prompted the passage was no more stringent than
the internal situation which confronts us now.

            If the law is amended to merely permit the
breweries to manufacture real beer, no matter how it
is distributed, the economic advantages would be so far
reaching that farm labor and industry would derive an
untold benefit, as well as the Treasury, in excise in-
come. This income would be released to take care of a-
portion of the deficit which now confronts us.

            Aside from these economic advantages, the
psychological effect of such an amendment would tend to
give renewed confidence to a great mass of people, who
are the backbone of the nation.

            May I respectfully ask you to give this
request your deep consideration, for I think your voice
in heralding such an action would be acclaimed throughout
the country, and would be followed by an overwhelming
majority of our citizens to the continuance of your

                         Respectfully yours,

........................................... [second page]......................................

                                                       June 1st, 1932

        In a general way chain letters have not received much attention
from me, but I am so deeply in sympathy with the thought this one
sponsors, that for once I am not casting it aside, and with your
kind indulgence, will pass it along just as I received it.
      Knowing your feeling in the matter, I believe you can be
relied upon to send enclosed letter and pass ten copies to ten of
your friends for signature, with the request that they continue
the chain.

      Will you please be kind enough to mail a list of the names to
whom you send this letter to

                            Mr. Ted S. Miller, Jr.,
                            c/o John Reilly Co. Avenue C,
                            Murray and Aster Streets
                            Newark, New Jersey

who is the man responsible for this thought.

                                        Yours very truly,


Thisletter was forwarded to me by Mr. Hugo Wagner, Chicago, Ill.

P.S. This chain letter has real merit and definite object in
view. If every man receiving this letter carried out his part,
on the ninth turnover President Hoover will receive one hundred
million pieces of mail.  A break in the chain, however, would
knock this to pieces.

                                   IRVIN W. VORLOP

I have mailed this to:

Mr. C. S. Main, 820 Moss Ave., Peoria, Ill.
Mr. R. J. Lutticken, c/o Bergner Furniture Co., Peoria, Ill.
Mr. Fred Kuehner, c/o Kuehner Bros., Freeport, Ill.
Mr. N. C. Keller, 1305 Humboldt, Denver, Colo.
Mr. C. J. Rosborough, 1601 So. 55th St., Omaha, Nebr.
Mr. R. M. Helderness, 6926 26th Av., Kenosha, Wis.
Mr. V. Olson, c/o Olson Furn. Co., Rockford, Ill.
Mr. C. K. Olsen, 5115 Nicholas, Omaha, Nebr.
Mr. D. Wallk, c/o Wallk's Furn. House, Peoria, Ill.
Mr. W. A. Stingley, 318 No. University, Peoria, Ill.

Two page typed letter. Copied from eBay auction photographs, 10/14/2015. Not known if there was an envelope. Keystrokes preserved. Signed by Irvin W. Vorlop. Sic "Thisletter". Outbid on auction. Entered by DWV, 10/15/2015.


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