Advocacy chain letter.  Economic recovery.  "The magic letters, C. E. P. C. - Courage, Energy, Prosperity, Cooperation."  US, 1931.
I believe:
God wants us to be happy and prosperous.
This country possesses within itself all the elements of prosperity.
Prosperity can be restored by right thinking.
We can get sufficient people backing prosperity to make this possible within 60 days. I have faith in my country.
Therefore, I resolve:
Always to speak hopefully of business and never to spread dismal reports.
To start now buying without without fear more necessities than I need and storing them away for future use.
To start now buying without fear all the comforts and luxuries to which I am normally accustomed.
To pledge my future earnings when necessary, in order to buy them now.
I will start now giving generously to the needy.
I will breathe prosperity into my daily life.
I will mail at least one copy of these every day to someone.
The magic letters, C. E. P. C. - Courage, Energy, Prosperity, Cooperation.

Published: The Ogden Standard-Examiner (Ogden, Utah), June 15, 1931, p. 10.
CHAIN LETTER COPY RECEIVED   Reaching 20 Million Persons In 20 Days Is Object.
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Note the letter does not mention the "20 million persons" object mentioned in the title to the article. So the text my be incomplete.