Advocacy chain letter.  Sugar Boycott.  "Owing to the unfair jump in the price of sugar, and for no apparent cause ..."  US, 1923.
Friend Housewife: Owing to the unfair jump in the price of sugar and for no apparent cause, the State Housewives' League of California are urging the consumer to reduce the consumption of sugar. By doing so we are using the only weapon that counts -- A BOYCOTT.  We appeal to all women to circulate this endless chain letter. Please do not break the chain.
PS. Please do not HOARD sugar, for that is what inflates the price. To the contrary -- CUT DOWN.

Published: Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California), May 8, 1923, p. 17.  Title: Letter Urges Sugar Boycott.  "Approximately 2500 copies of the letter have been sent broadcast throughout the country requesting support of the boycott on sugar until a staple (sic) market has been reached as announced by Mrs. Mary Stroupe, chairman of the Fair Price Committee."  Entered by DWV, Jan. 3, 2014.


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