Advocacy chain letter. Anti-Prohibition. "... a big price to bootleggers for bum hooch."  "Send this letter to five wet friends."  US, 1922.
This is a chain letter to make the country wet again. The only way to do it is to register and vote. That is how the reformers jammed prohibition
 through. Every voter counts, so see that you are registered and vote for anything that means a wet United States. Vote against prohibition and vote in prosperity. Send this letter to five wet friends. If you fail to keep up the chain no harm will befall you, but you will continue to pay a big price to bootleggers for "bum hooch."

Published: The Washington Herald (Washington, District of Columbia), Sept. 2, 1922, p. 14.  "It Seems to Me" column, Heywood Broun.
"Our usual practice is to break all chain letters in the waste basket, but here is one received yesterday which we are content to pass on:" [text]
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