Advocacy chain letter.  Sinn Fein.  "They have sold for silver the flesh and blood of their people."  Ireland, 1920.
["The following document has been sent out to a number of Sinn Feiners with instructions to copy it four times and send it to four friends, who are to repeat the operation indefinitely."]

They have sold for silver the flesh and blood of their people.
For money their hands are dipped in the blood of their people.
What of the people? Shall they grasp the hand of Cain?
They are the eyes and ears of the enemy.
Let these eyes and ears know no friendship.
See that there there are none who shall associate with them. See you that those who do are treated likewise.
The blood of our martyrs shall be on them and on their children's children, and they shall curse the mothers that bring them forth.
And the Lord set a mark upon Cain.

From: The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Canada), 21 Feb. 1920, p. 20. Title: "Terror Reign is Conducted by Sinn Fein." Subtitles: " Guerilla Warfare is Being Waged Against the Royal Irish Constabulary."  "Attacks Upon Policemen Result in Many Deaths"  "British Government May Find it Necessary to Draft Men From London."   "Dublin. Jan. 17--(by Mail)-- In their effort to drive the British Government out of Ireland the extreme section of Sinn Fein is waging a species of guerilla warfare upon the Royal Irish Constabulary."   Entered by DWV, Dec 8, 2013.


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