Advocacy chain letter. Against US entry to World War I. One or more copies. US, 1917.

In his war message, April 2, Wilson spoke of Germany's "promise" to end the U-boat warfare. At Madison Barracks Lansing said: "the immediate cause of the war was the announced purpose of Germany to break its promise as to submarine warfare.

Germany never made any such promise.  In the note of May 4, 1916, containing the so-called promise, Germany carefully stated as to the future she must "reserve complete liberty of decision."

For brief but adequate statement of diplomatic notes that led to war send to your Congressman for La Follette's speech of April 4, 1917, which was suppressed.  See pages 11, 29 and 30.

Endless chain.  Please write at least one copy and send this and that to friends of immediate peace.

From the New York Times, Nov. 5, 1917, p. 22:1, "Germans Here Plot to Clog U. S. Mails." Described as an "out and out German propaganda letter mailed from Boston."


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