Advocacy chain letter. Anti-cigarette league. "send ... to 3 of your lady friends".  US, 1902.

           ??? garth  March 24th 1902

  Dear Friend, a National League
is being formed for the purpose of starting
a crusade against the terrible cigarette
evil. The league will cover the
entire country and every woman
is asked to send her name to be used
in a mammoth petition to Congress
asking for a National law to prohibit
the sale of cigaretts to minors. No money
is needed none solicited.  Please send
a card like this to 3 of your lady friends
and your name and address to 1423-

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Chesnut St. Phila-
This is one of an endless chain.
Please do not neglect to write it
as the chain would be broken and
the object defeated.
                         Mrs. G. M Berrien

PS  If you wish to send through
the mail write on a post card.
(Jessie sent me this on a postal card)
If you send me your name I will
send it with mine.
                              Yours truly

[written on left top of second page]
this belongs to that on the other side

No envelope, apparently hand delivered. Written in black ink on both sides of a 5 1/2 by 5 inch piece of ruled paper. First word, prior to date, undeciphered. Line in parentheses on second page written in pencil. Sic "cigaretts", "Chesnut". Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, 8-31-2013.


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