Advocacy chain letter. Promotes demand for labels on merchandise. From The Labor World, Duluth, Minnesota.  US, 1901.
The Chain of the Endless Label League, East Palestine, O.
Learning that you are a friend of organized labor, I hereby take the liberty of asking your co-operation in the promotion of the label cause. To promote this cause, we ask you to demand the label from your merchants on such articles as we know bear it, such as shoes, soap, brooms, hats, clothing, cigars and tobacco and printed matter. And we further ask you to copy five communications from this, changing only your name, and send them to five good, reliable men (or women) who would be apt to keep this chain in progress. Hoping you will give this your attention, as a failure to do so would break the chain, we are
          A Friend to the Label.

Published: The Labor World (Duluth, Minnesota), Aug. 3, 1901, p. 4.
New Scheme to Promote Purchase of Fair Goods.
"We are in receipt of an endless chain letter from East Palestine, O. which reads as follows:"  [text]
"The above move is a commendable one, and will doubtless prove very fruitful. Nothing app
eals more to the people than a personal letter. Copy this letter and send to your friends."


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