Advocacy chain letter.  Pray for McKinley's defeat. Two copies, one in state, one out.  US, 1900.
Whereas, President McKinley has shown that he prefers the favor of the liquor men of the nation to that of the millions of the Christian people who petitioned him to blot out the canteen scourge from the army; therefore, I pledge myself as follows:
  1. I pledge myself that I will until election day, make it a special subject of prayer to my heavenly father that he will give to the United States a better man for President for the next four years - one who will be a total abstainer himself, and who will do what he can to overthrow the liquor traffic.
  2. I furthermore pledge myself to make at least two copies of this letter, and mail one copy to some sister in the State in which I reside and the other copy to some sister in some other State.
     Matthew xviii, 19.

Published: Chicago Daily Tribune, 29 Aug. 1900, p. 10.  "Pray for M'Kinley's Defeat."  "Officers of Indiana W. C. T. U. Start an Endless Chain of Prayer to Accomplish This Object."  "If the women that fill the executive offices of the Indiana W. C. T. U. have their way, all over the land women on bended knees will pray fervently during the next few weeks for the defeat of William McKinley. They have had printed thousands of "Presidential prayer-chain pledges."  Entered by DWV, July 7, 2014.


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