Advocacy chain letter. Woman's suffrage - Oklahoma.  "The women assisted in the settlement of this territory ..."  US, 1899.
You are cordially invited to join the ranks of suffrage advocates in Oklahoma. We intend to form the woman's suffrage people into one immense club and make the people - everybody - its members.
The next session of the Oklahoma legislature has agreed to take up the suffrage question, and we must be there in full force. At the last session we succeeded in getting the measure through the lower house and having it placed on the senate calendar. There, on account of some other measures supposed to be more important, it remained and died.
Every woman in Oklahoma is entitled to a vote. The women assisted in the settlement of this territory and helped to beautify and elevate it. Now we must be allowed to vote.
The recipient of this letter is requested to write a similar one to four friends. In this manner the suffrage question will be argued around the fire-sides of the members of the legislature and next time our bill will pass.

Published: The Courier (Lincoln, Nebraska), April 15, 1899, p. 5.
"Many and various are the objects of the chain letter. The latest use to which it has been put is to further the cause of woman's suffrage in Oklahoma. Suffragists made a losing fight in the last legislature and have already commenced the campaign for favorable legislation at the next session. ¶ The endless chain letter to be used reads as follows:"  [text]     Entered by DWV, Sept. 13, 2014.


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