The /photo-archive/ directory contains images of visually significant chain letters, news photographs related to chain letters and text descriptions of these images. This !contents-ph file is a list of all the files in the /photo-archive/ directory with annotations after each file name. Clicking these file names transfers to the corresponding raw image or image & description. Raw image file names end with "image" and are usually jpg files. Files with text descriptions of an image end with "image-info" and are html (htm extension) files.

CLEVO = The essay Chain Letter Evolution at

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ae1908_temperance_remailer-image.jpg  Scan (front & back) of temperance remailer postcard. Spaces for four addresses.
ae1938-04-26_Hopkins_q5_image.jpg  News photo of Rep. John Taber (R_NY) accusing Harry Hopkins (WPA) of using a chain letter.
ae1938-04-26_Hopkins_image-info.htm   Above photo plus documentation - including text taken from the front right side of the above photo.
ae1986-09_proctor_image.jpg  Raw image of a libelous boycott advocacy against Proctor & Gamble. Late generation photocopy.
ae1986-09_proctor.htm  Transcription of Proctor & Gamble satanic libel (image above).
he1795u_jesus_sab+4_image.jpg  Original English language Himmelsbrief broadside. Jesus' Sabbath letter plus four other apocrypha.
he1795u_sab_JEvans_ILL_image-top.jpg  Top of a Himmelsbrief broadside. Lead illustration for CLEVO. No corresponding text in /archive/.
hg1887u_germain_image1.jpg Scan of the top half of a German language Himmelsbreif. English translation at hg1887u_germain.
hg1887u_germain_image2.jpg  Scan of bottom half. Slight overlap.
hg1887u_germain_image  Combined image.
je1964_RepublicanCL_PC_q10_image.jpg  Scan of front of "the Republican Chain Letter" (postcard). Anti-LBJ, 1964.
le1924-04_ap_calgc_q10w10_image.jpg  Scan of front and back (stitched) of le1924_ap_calgc  - calligraphic style ancient prayer.
le1996-01_dl-india_image.jpg  Luck chain letter from India/England.  Sai Baba - cognate to DL type. Transcription.
me1935-04-28_DenverPO_image.jpg  Scan of News Photo of Denver Post Office - chain letters. Melvina Starns.
me1935-04-28_DenverPO_image-info.htm  Transcription of printed information on back of above photo.
me1935-05-04_sd_ny_hand_image.jpg  Handwritten Send-a-Dime letter. Image for TOOMCL.
me1935-05-08_sd_texas_hand_image.jpg  Printed Send-a-Dime form. Image for TOOMCL.
me1935-05-08_sd_texas_ILL_image.gif  A send-a-dime letter that is used as an illustration (ILL) in CLEVO.
me1935-05-08_springfield5_image.jpg  News photo from Springfield, Mo during pyramid fad, May 1935. Used in CLEVO.  Email format.
me1935-05-08_springfield5_image_info.htm  Information on the Springfield photo. Taken from the caption in CLEVO
me1935-05-10_Certified_image.jpg  Crowd in overflow office for certified letter. From Denver Post. Low resolution.
me1935-05-10_JackRoddie_image.jpg  Jack Roddie being taken back to Texas. From Denver Post. Low resolution.
me1935-05-18_DollarScramble image.jpg  News photo - Dollar Scramble pyramid scheme in Glendale, CA. Email format.
me1935-05-18_DollarScramble_image-info.htm   Information from the back of the above photo.
me1935-07-12_StPetersburgGroup_image.jpg  News photo of a chain letter club meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1935. Email format.
me1935-07-12_StPetersburgGroup_info.htm  Text taken from the back of the above photo, including the date.
me1935-08-16_sd_DeadLetters_image.jpg  News photo of send-a-dime dead letters in Denver after the craze had crashed..
me1935-08-16_sd_DeadLetters_image-info.htm   Information from the back of the above photo.
me1935-05-28_RecirculatingClub_image.jpg  News photograph of the San Francisco Chain Recirculation Club.
me1935-05-28_RecirculatingClub_image-info  Text taken from back of above photo.
me1936_pyr_sqdeal_image1.jpg  Title page & 8 names for "The 1936 Square Deal Automobile Club". A new car for $5.00. Transcription &.
me1936_pyr_sqdeal_image2.jpg  "Twenty rules and reasons which make The 1936 Square Deal Automobile Club square, safe and sound."
me1937u_Pyramid-India_Q4S3x1R_image-1.jpg  Scan of first page of document - The Money Circulating Company, Bombay, India
me1937u_Pyramid-India_Q4S3x1R_image-2.jpg  Scan of second page. As above.
me1937u_Pyramid-India_Q4S3x1R_image-info.htm  Information on the above document (two pages). With photos displayed.
me1996-09_puzzles_image.jpg  "Gold Miners Fortune" - puzzle page of a clever money chain letter. Try puzzles!  Text & solutions here.
me1996-09_puzzles_s$5n2.htm  Same as above (right) link to archive entry: transcription, puzzle solutions and comments.
ie1906-07-07_Remailer-stack_image.jpg  Image of front & back (stitched) of remailer postcard - stamps stacked.
ie1908-10-19_Remailer-row_image.jpg  Image of front & back (stitched) of remailer postcard - stamps in a row.
ie40uu_CrazyCL_MatchBook_image.jgp  Image of matchbook cover (front & back) with ads for novelties including Crazy Chain Letters.

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