Frequently forwarded email: Chain petition for NPR public financing. US, 1996.

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>Please consider the following statements and add your name to the bottom if
>agree with the sentiments of this petition.
>Subject: Petition to save NPR and PBS funding (boring but important)
>From: Natasha C
>Date: 1/17/96 8:43 AM

>Petition for PBS and NPR (fwd)

> PBS, NPR (National Public Radio), and the arts are facing major
>cutbacks in funding. In spite of the efforts of each station to reduce
>spending costs and streamline their services, the government officials
>believe that the funding currently going to these programs is too large a
>portion of funding for something which is seen as "unworthwhile". Currently,
>taxes from the general public for PBS equal $1.12 per person per year, and
>the National Endowment for the Arts equals $.64 a year in total. A January
>1995 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll indicated that 76% of Americans wish to keep
>funding for PBS, third only to national defense and law enforcement as the
>most valuable programs for federal funding. Each year, the Senate and House
>Appropriations commitees each have 13 subcommitees with jurisdiction over
>many programs and agencies. Each subcommitee passes its own appropriation
>bill. The goal each year is to have each bill signed by the beginning of the
> >fiscal year, which is October1. In the instance of the Corporation of Public
> >Broadcasting, the bill determines the funding for the next three years. When
>this issue comes up in 1996, the funding will be determined for fiscal
>years1996-1998. The only way that our representatives can be aware of the
>base of support for PBS and funding for these types of programs is by making
>our voices heard. Please add your name to this list if you believe in what
>we stand for. This list will be forwarded to the President of the United
>States, the Vice President of the United States, and Representative Newt
>Gingrich, who is the instigator of the action to cut funding to these
>worthwhile programs. ==============================================================
> If you happen to be the 50th, 100th, 150th, etc.
>signer of this petition, please forward a copy to:
> If that address is inoperative, please send it
> > way we can keep track of the lists and
>organize them. Forward this to everyone you know, and help us to keep these
>programs alive.

>> Thank you.
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>> 1.) Elizabeth Weinert, student, University of Northern Colorado,
>> Greeley, Colorado.
>> 2.) Robert M. Penn; San Francisco, CA
>> 3.) Gregory S. Williamson, San Francisco, CA
>> 4.) Daniel C. Knightly, Austin, TX
>> 5.) Andrew H. Knightly, Los Angeles, CA
>> 6.) Aaron C. Yeater, Somerville, MA
>> 7.) Tobie M. Cornejo, Washington, DC
>> 8.) John T. Mason, Dalton, MA
>> 9.) Eric W. Fish, Williamstown, MA
>> 10.) Courtney E. Estill, Hamilton College, NY
>> 11.) Vanessa Moore, Northfield, MN
>> 12.) Lynne Raschke, Haverford College, PA (originally Minnesota)
>> 13.) Deborah Bielak, Haverford, PA
>> 14.) Morgan Lloyd, Haverford, PA 19041
>> 15.) Galen Lloyd, Goucher College, MD
>16.) Brian Eastwood, University of Vermont, VT
>1 7.) Elif Batuman, Harvard University, MA
>18) Kohar Jones, Yale University, CT
>19.) Claudia Brittenham, Yale University, CT
>20.) Alexandra Block, Yale University, CT4
>21.) Susanna Chu, Yale University, CT
>22.) Michelle Chen, Harvard University, MA
>23.) Jessica Hammer, Harvard University, MA
>24.) Ann Pettigrew, Haverford College, PA
> 25) Kirstin Knox, Swarthmore College, PA
>26) Jason Adler, Swarthmore College, PA
>27) Daniel Gottlieb, Swarthmore College (but truly from Lawrence,KS)
>28) Shari Bart, University of Pennsylvania, PA
> 29) Abigail Gray, University of Pennsylvania, PA
> 30) Rhonda Johnson, University of Pennsylvania, PA
> 31) Naveen B Seth, University of Pennsylvania, PA
>32) Seema Chandra, Rice University, TX
>33) Sasha Vaikhman, Rice University, TX
>34) Liisa Salmi; Houston, TX
>35) Bonnie A. Mixon, Washington University in St. Louis, MO
> 36) Amy Wiseman, Baylor College of Medicine, TX
>37) Lori Wiseman, Souwestern University, TX
>38) Ellen Wiseman, Houston, TX
>39) John Stangel, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
>40) Susi Lundgren, University of Texas, Austin, TX
>41) Margaret Schmidt, Spartanburg, SC
> 42) Carole A. Etzler, Bridport, VT
>43) Jeanette Stokes, Durham, NC
>44) Courtney Stanion-Smith, Durham, NC
>45) Connie Blumenthal, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
> 46) Alan Rissberger, Washington, DC
> 47) Jason Greene, Boulder, CO
>48) Tom Keane, Arlington, MA
>49) Sandra Chinoporos, Arlington, MA
>50) Amey Moot, Boston, MA
>51) Lisa Granick, Brookline, MA
>52) Stephen Glim, Boston MA
> 53) Peter Fischman, Shirley, MA
> 54) Deborah O'Hanlon, Shirley, MA
>55) Billie Hockett, Lexington, MA
> 56) Edward Pearlman, Portland, ME
>57) John Ward, Greenbelt, MD
>58) Beatrix Whitehall, Greenbelt, MD
>59) Ruth Conley, Loyola University of Chicago
> 60) Pam Carlson, Seattle, WA
>61) Selena Maranjian, River Vale, NJ
>62) Lee Gruenfeld, Lake Arrowhead, California
>63) George Beeler, Rochester, MN
>64) Sean Meehan, Buffalo, NY
>65) Mary C. Butsch, Buffalo, NY
>66) Jennifer Banta, San Francisco, CA
>67) Mark Dolan, San Francisco, CA
>68) Natasha Claro, San Francisco, CA
>69) Amy Bokser, San Francisco, CA
>70) Robert M. Kerseg, Sn Francisco, CA
>71) Jacquelyn Appell, Palo Alto, CA
>72) Drew Wheeler, Palo Alto, CA
>73) Donald Martin Gipson, Gilroy, CA
>74) Angela Carter, San Jose, CA
>75) djovida, Richmond, CA (KQED-TV San Francisco)
76) Birrell Walsh San Francisco, CA

Received by Daniel W. VanArsdale in 1996.


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