Email luck chain letter. DL type - exact transcription from paper. Archaic address formats. Many comments.  US, 1982

23-Apr-84 18:42:02,34130;000000000001
Received: from CMCCTB by CMCCTF; 23 Apr 84 18:38:18 EST
Received: ID <ID01@CMCCTB>; 23 Apr 84 18:37:00 EST
Date: 23 Apr 84 18:37:08 EST
To: sk3k@CMCCTF
cc: dt04@CMCCTF, sv07@CMCCTF, ps18@CMCCTF, jf5t@CMCCTB,
    ag0b@CMCCTE, ck0c@CMCCTE, mo05@CMCCTD, cf04@CMCCTC,
Subject: DON'T BREAK IT!
Check it out...
22-Apr-84 14:22:36,33725;000000000000
Received: from CMCCTC by CMCCTB; 22 Apr 84 10:50:23 EST
Received: ID <SS9Q@CMCCTC>; 22 Apr 84 10:52:32 EST
Date: 22 Apr 84 10:52:32 EST
To: id01@CMCCTB
Subject: [RS26@CMCCTF: [LZ04@CMCCTF: MASSIVE chain letter]]
The biggest one of them all....
- - - - - - - Begin message from: RS26@CMCCTF
Received: from CMCCTF by CMCCTC; 18 Feb 84 22:37:53 EST
Received: ID <RS26@CMCCTF>; 18 Feb 84 22:35:28 EST
Date: 18 Feb 84 22:35:28 EST
To: ss9q@CMCCTC
Subject: [LZ04@CMCCTF: MASSIVE chain letter]
anyone with a name like yours deserves this letter!
have a nice day!
- - - - - - - Begin message from: LZ04@CMCCTF
Received: ID <LZ04@CMCCTF>; 18 Feb 84 20:49:56 EST
Date: 18 Feb 84 20:49:59 EST
To: in0a@CMCCTF
cc: jt4g@CMCCTF, ws0a@CMCCTF, mw0g@CMCCTF, fs07@CMCCTF,
    gw8c@CMCCTF, si08@CMCCTF, at04@CMCCTF, jv03@CMCCTF,
    rs26@CMCCTF, rs0m@CMCCTF, vw01@CMCCTF, hs9q@CMCCTF,
    as11@CMCCTF, gc3a@CMCCTF, es03@CMCCTF, rd5j@CMCCTF,
    ck0s@CMCCTF, ws7q@CMCCTF
Subject: MASSIVE chain letter
17-Feb-84 00:58:40,32483;000000000001
Received: from CMCCTC by CMCCTF; 17 Feb 84 00:56:27 EST
Received: ID <SF0J@CMCCTC>; 17 Feb 84 00:53:32 EST
Date: 17 Feb 84 00:53:32 EST
To: pm53@CMCCTD, lz04@CMCCTF, ck1n@CMCCTC, ac17@CMCCTB,
Subject: MASSIVE chain letter
The following chain letter is truly huge. My advice to you is to read it, then
forward it, then delete it (print it if you really want to). I don't normally
do this, but I didn't feel right in just ignoring it.
 5-Feb-84 02:28:05-EST,031894;000000000000
Received: from CMCCTB by CMCCTF; 5 Feb 84 02:27:17 EST
Received: ID <WB0G@CMCCTB>; 5 Feb 84 02:28:48 EST
Date: 5 Feb 84 02:28:48 EST
From: Bill Bolosky <WB0G@CMCCTB>
To: nc04@CMCCTB, rs3k@CMCCTF, ww0a@CMCCTF, st08@CMCCTF,
    jesion@CMCCTC, mk0e@CMCCTC, kb0g@CMCCTB, sie@CMCCTF,
    "albert ting"@CMCCTF, ss2n@CMCCTF
cc: ag0a@CMCCTC, pm0w@CMCCTD, dc1w@CMCCTB, jm3t@CMCCTD,
    gl0a@CMCCTD, ab19@CMCCTB, mw0t@CMCCTF, tr0m@CMCCTD,
Subject: Chain Letter Continuing...
This is a chain letter which I received from Peter Baumbach a little while
ago.  I know that all of you don't know me, but if you don't then you probably
know Bill "Wadd" Waddington, who was here helping me think of names to whom
to send this.  This letter is the infamous ARPA-net chain letter which
caused much havoc a few years ago on the ARPA-net.  I think that it's pretty
dead by now, but I just can't help but to send it along.
 4-Feb-84 22:29:32-EST,030792;000000000001
Received: from CMCCTB by CMCCTB; 4 Feb 84 22:28:34 EST
Received: ID <PB0P@CMCCTB>; 4 Feb 84 22:28:15 EST
Date: 4 Feb 84 22:28:15 EST
To: wb0g@CMCCTB
Here is an impressive chain letter that I no longer have room for in my
directory.  Before deleting it I thought someone else might want to read
it.  I'm not mailing it to the entire 20 people as required for good luck.
You do with it as you please.  There are 941 distinct but not necessarily
correct words in it.  I Scribed it with the word counter switch(/V).
31-Jan-84 15:37:27,30181;000000000001
Received: from CMCCTD by CMCCTB; 31 Jan 84 15:36:51 EST
Received: ID <MR0Y@CMCCTD>; 31 Jan 84 15:31:53 EST
Date: 31 Jan 84 15:31:57 EST
From: MissGredenko <MR0Y@CMCCTD>
To: pilewski@CMCCTD, wt03@CMCCTF, jl1z@CMCCTD, baumbach@CMCCTB
cc: tm14@CMCCTD
phone: x4461,x4462
- - - - - - - Begin message from: Christopher <W.RD3J-CHOW-CHRISTOPHER--S@CRNL20A>
Received: from CU20B by CMCCTD; 31 Jan 84 08:43:01 EST
Received: from CUVMA by CU20B with HASP; 31 Jan 84 08:44:52 EST
Received: from CORNELLA by CUVMA      id 2085; Tue, 31 Jan 84 08:43:21 EST
Received: from CORNELLC by CORNELLA   id 5191; Tue, 31 Jan 84 08:13:59 EST
Date: 30 Jan 84 2041-EST
From: Christopher <W.RD3J-CHOW-CHRISTOPHER--S@CRNL20A>
I have seen some chain letters over networks before, but this is
very impressive. Some of you have already received this letter before--
I sent it back since I needed 20 user-ids (and I thought that you might
also want to see the progress on this letter).  I hope no one minds
receiving this letter.  Have fun and don't break the chain...
Date: 30 Jan 84 1312-EST
-RDate: 30 Jan 84 1237-EST
Note: <Life sucks and then you die>

Received: by CORNELLA   id 6861; Sun, 29 Jan 84 18:54:17 EST
Date: 29 January 84 18:54-EST
check this out:
Received: from BROWNVM  by CORNELLA   id 4430; Fri, 25 Nov 83 07:25:23 EST
Received: by BROWNVM    id 1708; Wed, 23 Nov 83 23:36:34 EST
Date:         Wed, 23 Nov 83 23:33:26 EST
From:         Peter DiCamillo <CMSMAINT@BROWNVM>
To:           IHFCU@CUNYVM (Ira Fuchs), SMDCU@CUNYVM (Steve Dreyer),
              BEACU@CUNYVM (Barry Appelman), BSKCU@CUNYVM (Ben Klein),
              SRSCU@CUNYVM (Sheryl Soskel), ECKCU@CUNYVM (Arthur Ecock),
              WGRCU@CUNYVM (Bill Rubin), JAYCU@CUNYVM (Jay Elinsky),
              KAFCU@CUNYVM (Karen Fortoul), MJWCU@CUNYVM (Marty Walsh),
              DRBIM@CUNYVM (David Boloker), OWL@CCNY (Paul Fortoul),
              KANGAROO@BKLYN (Joey Sussman), LDNQB@QB001 (Larry Nelson),
              FREEMAN@YALEVMX (Grey Freeman),
              PETE@YALEVMX (Pete Furmonavicius),
              JSA@YALEVMX (Josh Auerbach), STEVE@YALEVMX (Steve Record),
nn              SUSAN@YALEVMX (Susan Babe), OWEN@YALEVMX (Jim Owen),
              PBT@YALEADS (Paul Thorn), KLOCEK@YALEADS (George Klocek),
              HAYDEN@YALEADS (Bernard Hayden),
              BATZA@YALEADS (Richard Batza),
              GORDON@YALEADS (Gordon Mathieson),
              LOGAN@YALEADS (Eric Logan), EVANS@YALECS (Eric Evans),
              ODONNELL@YALECS (John O'Donnell),
              ZS01012@NJECNVM (Ross Patterson),
              VMSYS1@NJECNVM (Greg Piney),
              STEWART@UMDNJVM1 (Bill Stewart), RBF@PSUVM (Bob Fowles),
              WHV@PSUVM (Bill Verity), JLF@PSUVM (Jim Forkner),
              DTL@PSUVM (Don Laird), OWENS@PSUVAX1 (Bob Owens),
              CRW@PSUVMS1 (Craig Watkins), RAH@PSUVMS1 (Bob Hirlinger),
              CMSMAINT@BROWNVM (Peter DiCamillo),
              VMSP@BROWNVM (Bob Novy), SYD@BROWNVM (Syd Bauman),
              MJB@BROWNCS (Mike Braca), RDC@CORNELLA (Bob Cowles),
              SLW@CORNELLA (Steve Worona), SWB@CORNELLA (Scott Brim),
              S.YFM@CRNL20A (Larry Fresinski), DEAN@CRNLCS (Dean Krafft),
              VVVCU@CUVMB (Vace Kundakci), EACUS@CUVMB (Alan Croswell),
              US.TIC@CU20B (Tom Chow), DFTCU@CUVMB (Daphne Tzoar),
              FPEUS@CUVMB (Frank Esposito), KSKCU@CUVMC (Kathy Kratter),
              SY.KEN@CU20B (Ken Rossman),
              OC.GARLAND@CU20B (Rich Garland),
              SY$GARLA@CUCHEM (Rich Garland), CHRIS@CUCS20 (Chris Maio),
              HU@CUCS20, CCIMS.BEECHER@CUTC20 (Ben Beecher),
              JS5A@CMCCTE (J. Ray Scott), CA11@CMCCTE (Chuck Augustine),
              GINGELL@CWR20B (Rob Gingell), MAINTCMS@PUCC (John Wagner),
              Q0239@PUCC (Peter Olenick), B8513@PUCC (Jim Poage),
              B7560@PUCC (Lee Varian), Q0145@PUCC (Victor Bearge),
              MAINT@PUCC (Melinda Varian), C9626@PUCC (Robert Knight),
              G0870@PUCC (Yenothan Hazony), D3006@PUCC (Kirk Alexander),
              0736207@PUCC (Walter Anderson),
              ARMAND@ROCKVAX (Armand Gazes), MEL@ROCKVAX (Mel Ferentz),
              CCJP@BOSTONU (John Porter), CCMM@BOSTONU (Marian Moore),
              CCMO@BOSTONU (Marge Orr), CCJD@BOSTONU (Joe Demty),
              CCJB@BOSTONU (Josie Bondoc),
              SPGGGM@UCBCMSA (Greg Minshall),
              SPGRAJ@UCBCMSA (Roger Johnson),
              SPGMNF@UCBCMSA (Mike Friedman),
              SPGRAP@UCBCMSA (Dick Peters),
              CSBOBT@UCBCMSA (Bob Thompson),
              SPGSEAN@UCBCMSA (Sean McGrath), DLW@UCBJADE (David Wasley),
              TAMARA@UCBCMSA (Tamara Sturak),
              DG9007@SFBSYS (Dave Gomberg),
              GPM9012@SFBSYS (Gerald McCallum),
              SW9018@SFBSYS (Steve Wolf),
              JD9014@UCSFVAXA (Joe DeBattista),
              SCALES@MITVMA (Jim Scales),
              AZARY@MITVMA (Susan Minai-Azary),
              LANG@UORVM (John Langeland), LUCK@UORVM (John Lucker),
              SP0003@SUNYBING (Dick McCarthy),
              WYLBUR@SUNYBING (Jim Mott), CHRIS@HARVARDA (Chris Barker),
              SOB@HARVUNXW (Scott Bradner),
              TS0258@OHIOST1 (Charles Sechler),
              TS0068@OHIOST1 (Paul Buerger),
              TS0013@OHIOST1 (Phil Howard), SYSJCJ@UOFT01 (Jeff Janson),
              JOHNSON@MAINE (Jay Johnson), MIMI@MAINE (Gerald F. Dube),
              KERRY@MAINE (Irelann K. Anderson),
              WTS@MAINE (Wayne T. Smith), DAVE@MAINE (Dave Johnson),
              U18215@UICVM (Dennis Bartley),
              KASSEM@UIUCVMD (Ahmed Kassem),
              KLINE@UIUCVMD (Charlie Kline), SARA@UCONNVM (Sara Rogers),
              ALMONEY@YKTVMV (Jeff Almoney),
              LINEHAN@YKTVMV (Mark Linehan),
              CASHMAN@YKTVMV (Lee Cashman), RCG@GWUVM (Bob Griffith),
              TLT@GWUVM (Terry Terbush), BRUCE@UMDB (Bruce Crabill),
              KATHY@UMDB (Kathy Orhelein), VBOB@UMDB (Bob Shields),
              BOBCOOK@SLACVM (Bob Cook), JXH@SLACVM (John Halperin),
              DJOHNSON@SLACVM (Dick Johnson),
              COTTRELL@SLACVM (Les Cottrell),
              DIDIER@SLACCB (Didier Besset),
              GG.JWS@STANFORD (Jim Stosick),
              SPRINGER@UMVMA (Gordon K. Springer),
              DENNIS@VPIVM1 (Dennis Caffi),
              USDWWR@VPIVM1 (Bill Richardson), TUCJFW@TUCC (Jim Walker),
              VMSP@NCSUVM (Kevin Hardman), DFK@DUKE (Diana Kirby),
              UJPS@TUCC (Jean Smythe), DEWP06@SLACMAC (Dave Wiser),
              RELP06@SLACMAC (Bob Leedy), B25748@ANLVM (John Schofield),
              B10523@ANLVM (Larry Amiot), B17385@ANLVM (Robert McMahon),
              B27564@ANLVM (Fred Moszur), B17783@ANLVM (Doug Engert),
              B25784@ANLCMT (Rich Raffenetti), VM0AF4@WVNVM (Rita Saltz),
              VM10CA@WVNVM (Rich Lynch), VM0359@WVNVM (Jay Justice),
              S0004@CSUOHIO (Francis Bruening),
              RIEGNER@AKRON (Dick Riegner), OPRJFF@SUVM (John Fowler),
              TOM@PENNDRLS (Thomas Denier), AUGUST@WUVMD (John Augustin)
Subject:      I'm passing along an impressive chain letter.
I'm sorry about not sending this correctly the first time. Here's the
chain letter:
Date:     22 Nov 83 (Tuesday) 22:20 EST
From:     Matthew Merzbacher <mam>
To:       brownvm=peter
Subject:  Food for thought
Date:     22 Nov 83 (Tuesday) 19:25 EST
From:     Ronen Barzel <rb>
To:       giw, jrd, lems!rvw, mam, pss, rim, tim@cit-vax
Subject:  Hey! I got a chain letter
        From bmc Tue Nov 22 15:05:06 1983
        Date:     22 Nov 83 (Tuesday) 15:03 EST
        From:     Bernard Chazelle <bmc>
        To:       bmc dhl dmm jmi jsv lch mes rad rb rdm thf wcc
        Subject:  the second time around always works better
        >From jsv Tue Nov 22 13:19:50 1983
        Date:     22 Nov 83 (Tuesday) 13:19 EST
        From:     Jeff Vitter <jsv>
        To:       bmc dmm jmi
        Subject:  $$$
        Status: R
                From mes Tue Nov 22 12:59:52 1983
                Date:     22 Nov 83 (Tuesday) 12:59 EST
                From:     Mark Emily Sommer <mes>
                To:       jsv rdm
                Subject:  you can have your fame and fortune back
                >From rdm Tue Nov 22 12:56:00 1983
                Date:     22 Nov 83 (Tuesday) 12:55 EST
                From:     Bobbo 'mr. casual' McCartney <rdm>
                To:       ahs bad dbp ejg fwy gh jah jmi lc mes mkg mmk mph pdl
                          sa skf thf wcc
                Subject:  good luck and fortune awaits
                Status: R
                you too can be a winner:
                >From allegra!princeton!down!honey Mon Nov 21 13:50:12 1983
                Date: 21 Nov 1983 12:01-EST
                To: brandeis!storer brunix!rdm cornell!vs garfield!sean gatech!s
                    linus!smk masscomp!trb mit-mc!cybenko north ogcvax!maier
                    parsec!kolstad philabs!dal sbcs!sciore sdcarl!rusty umcp-cs!
                    uofm-cv!paul ut-sally!hfk utcsrgv!klaver uw-beaver!jim wjh12
                Subject: i don't normally do this sort of thing ...
                Status: R
                ... but i want the $$!
                >From princeton!allegra!mi-cec!dvk Fri Nov 18 09:51:25 1983
                Date: Friday, 18 Nov 1983 09:07-EST
                To: cmucsg!jpm@r, cmucsg!lammert@a, masscomp!clemc
                Cc: allegra!honey, idis!decvax!tarsa
                Subject: Do not break this chain, or your computer will crash...
                In-Real-Life: Dan Klein, Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh
                Phone-number: (412) 578-3382
                Status: RO
                From: idis!decvax!decwrl!rhea!quill!wecker
                Date: Wednesday, 16 Nov 1983 08:57:09-PST
                Subject: ahh... what the hell...
                Received: from RHEA.ARPA by DECWRL (3.327/4.09) 16 Nov 83 08:57:
                To: @dvk
                From:   VIA::OPALKA       "Bill Opalka"   16-NOV-1983 09:52
                To:     QUILL::WECKER ! SENT TO @FOR.DIS
                Subj:   I don't usually do this......But in case you haven't see

                From:   PKOSW3::FDCV01::FDCV02::WOLF           16-NOV-1983 08:39
                Subj:   PISS (AHEM) PASS IT ON
                From:   GRIFFIN      ", Dave (PKO3-1/K71)"   15-NOV-1983 16:22
                Subj:   Look where this has been!!!!!!!  Pass it on!
                From:   APEHUB::J_WANG             15-NOV-1983 16:09
                To:     @PEOP2.DIS
                Subj:   if this gets there, it will be a miracle
                Network Mail received on 15-Nov-83 at 11:01
                From: APEHUB::GUEST
                To:   WANG,VANCE
                Subject: FOOD FOR THOUGHT
                Network Mail received on 11-Nov-83 at 15:29
                From: SISSY::P_HEBERT
                Subject: RISK IT....GO AS A BISCUIT!!
                Network Mail received on 11-Nov-83 at 12:50
                From: SISSY::F_CERAUSKIS
                Subject: WONDERFULL WONDEROUS ENET !!
                Network Mail received on 11-Nov-83 at 12:06
                From: MICRON::NO-ONE IN PARTIC
                Subject: Pass this on!
                Network Mail received on 11-Nov-83 at 11:50
                From: MICRON::PASSER
                To:   @NAMES.CMD
                Subject: BUS-AS-USUAL
                Network Mail received on 11-Nov-83 at 07:39
                From: MICRON::PASSER
                To:   CRITCHLEY
                Subject: SHORT NOTE
                Network Mail received on 10-Nov-83 at 12:59
                From: MICRON::ANON
                To:   The next lucky one
                Subject: keep it going ....
                Network Mail received on 02-Apr-82 at 16:03
                To:   PHOTON::MICRON::PATSY1::RAMANUJAN
                Subject: something for a Friday afternoon ...
                Network Mail received on 22-Feb-82 at 14:42
                From: KERMIT::D_SUMMERS
                To:   @LB:[1,7]CC38E
                Subject: This is the most unusual memo I've ever received
                Network Mail received on 19-Feb-82 at 09:44
                From: WOMBAT::NAPRAVA
                To:   KERMIT::SUMMERS,SCRIBE::GOUTAL
                Subject: Look at all the places this thing has been
                From:   NOVA::BASSETT        18-FEB-1982 16:39
                To:     WOMBAT::DEININGER, WOMBAT::NAPRAVA
                Subj:   Might as well share the luck!!
                From:   CROPPER        18-FEB-1982 16:04
                To:     BASSETT
                Subj:   HAVE YOU RECIVED THIS ONE YET?
                From:   WOMBAT::KELLERMAN      18-FEB-1982 15:14
                To:     NOVA::CROPPER
                Subj:   send money if you really want to
                From:   ABACUS::PAL            18-FEB-1982 14:10
                Subj:   Isn't the network a wondrous thing!?
                From:   VAX4::JOSLIN         18-FEB-1982 05:59
                To:     SLEIGHT,PAL,ABE,LAJOIE
                Subj:   pass it on........
                From:   CRANE          17-FEB-1982 11:53
                To:     @STAFF
                From:   ARK::GUTHRIE            "Dave Guthrie"   17-FEB-1982 11:
                Subj:   FWD: 'Enclosed file "LUCKY."' FROM BURLEW

                From: BURLEW    "Penny Burlew"  17-Feb-82 11:33 AM
                To:   @MAIL:RSTS.DIS
                Subject: Enclosed file "LUCKY."
                MAIL.BOX V1.02 0000 0000 0000 0001

                From: NOVA::BURLEW              16-Feb-82 03:40 PM
                To:   ARK::BURLEW
                Subject: Please pass this on for luck
                From:   VIVACE         16-FEB-1982 15:36
                To:     BURLEW
                Subj:   HAVE SOME GOOD LUCK!
                From:   MESENBRINK     16-FEB-1982 15:25
                To:     VAX4::BRIDGES, VIVACE
                Subj:   GOOD LUCK...EVERYONE NEEDS IT
                From:   ISHTAR::FELDMAN        16-FEB-1982 13:35
                Subj:   This is it... THE BIG ONE
                From:   ROSS           16-FEB-1982 13:03
                Subj:   Just look at the world-wide addresses.
                From:   ISHTAR::DEROSA         16-FEB-1982 12:49
                To:     ISHTAR::ROSS ! FROM LIST -> _ISHTAR::DB0:[DEROSA.MAILER]
                Subj:   Network Junk Mail

                From:   KL2530::KL1031::BILKIS   16-FEB-1982 11:30
                Subj:   [Larry Campbell <LCAMPBELL at MARKET>: [mo at LBL-UNIX (

                Message-ID: <"MS5(2045)+GLXLIB1(1056)" 11800852144.60.83.19041 a
                I normally don't do things like this,  but far be it from me to
                with this much momentum,  this mail seems like an EMS salmon
                - - - - - - - Begin message from: Larry Campbell <LCAMPBELL at M
                Date: 16 Feb 1982 0918-EST
                From: Larry Campbell <LCAMPBELL at MARKET>
                To: Rehill at KL2116, Purretta at KL2102, Hurley at KL2102,
                    Braithwaite at KL2102, Trotter at KL2102, Kotok at KL1031,
                    Stevens at KL2263, Cook at KL2263, Bilkis at KL1031,
                    Hall at KL2102, Miller at KL2102, LCampbell.Spencer at KL210
                    Richardson at KL2137, Dyer-Bennett at KL2137, Nixon at KL211
                    Allen at KL1031, Hess at KL1031, Harrelson at KL2137,
                    Tucker at KL2102, Winalski at METOO, Dawson at SPIT20,
                    Kinzelman at STORS
                Subject: [mo at LBL-UNIX (Mike O'Dell [system]): Nominee for mos
                Message-ID: <"MS6(2170)+GLXLIB1(1056)" 11800830495.33.71.16862 a
                - - - - - - - Begin message from: mo at LBL-UNIX (Mike O'Dell [s
                Mail-from: ARPANET host MIT-ML rcvd at 16-Feb-82 0214-EST
                Date: 15 Feb 1982 16:19:12-PST
                From: mo at LBL-UNIX (Mike O'Dell [system])
                To: msggroup at mit-ai
                Subject: Nominee for most amazing message ever seen

                If this little gem doesn't break you mail reader, you are in goo
                ------- Forwarded Message
                Date: 15 Feb 1982 1500-PST (Monday)
                From: jef
                To: 20-people@RANDOM-NET
                Subject: the following strange message...
                Cc: Almquist@CMU-20C, BYRNE@CMU-20C, CSTNBL@MIT-MC, D.michael@BE
                    ELM@CMU-20C, FISH@MIT-MC, FURST@MIT-MC, Inners@CMU-20C, Lamm
                    Lomicka@CMU-20C, MJA@CMU-20C, REM@MIT-MC, Schwartz@CMU-20C,
                    csvax.DRB@BERKELEY, geoff@SRI-CSL, jacobson, leres, mo, vern
                --- Begin Forwarded Message ---
                >From Andrea.Michaels@CMU-10A Mon Feb 15 09:08:14 1982
                Received: Network mail from host MIT-MC for jef on Mon Feb 15 09
                Date: 14 February 1982 1115-EST (Sunday)
                From: Andrea.Michaels at CMU-10A
                To: Suzanna.Garreau at CMU-10A, bh at mit-ai, teitz at parc-maxc
                    nelson at parc-maxc,
                Subject:  this is ridiculous, i do not know why i am bothering!
                CC: Merrick.Furst at CMU-10A, Mark.Wright at CMU-10A, Brad.Allen
                    strohm@cmu-780g at CMU-10A, judy rosenberg at CMU-10A,
                    Steven.Minton at CMU-10A, Bruce.Lucas at CMU-10A,
                    Richard.Korf at CMU-10A, Betsy.Herk at CMU-10A,
                    Jim.Gasbarro at CMU-10A, cynthia hibbard at CMU-10A,
                    sylvia hoy at CMU-10A, sharon burks at CMU-10A,
                    Glenda.Childress at CMU-10A, dale miller at CMU-10A,
                    dale moore at CMU-10A
                Message-Id: <14Feb82 111506 AM06@CMU-10A>
                Origin:  C425AM06 at CMU-10A; 14 Feb 1982 1118-EST
                Remailed-To: aqe at MIT-MC
                Remailed-From: Dale.Moore at CMU-10A
                Remailed-Date: Monday, 15 February 1982 1105-EST

                - - - - Begin forwarded message - - - -
                Mail-Created: 13 Feb 1982 1920-EST by SHULMAN
                Date: 13 Feb 1982 1920-EST
                From: Jeffrey Shulman <SHULMAN at RUTGERS>
                Subject: [Laz Munoz <MUNOZ at GREEN>: [HAGERTY: [animal@mit-ml:
                To: dsmith, mitchell, roach, levy, hedrick, prspool, nagel, kast
                    utgoff, cs.applewhite at UTEXAS-20, liebSCHUTZ, sietz, weinr
                    gabinelli, steinberg, schooLEY, kedar-cabelli at RU-GREEN, k
                Remailed-date: 13 Feb 1982 2002-EST
                Remailed-from: Rob Liebschutz <LIEBSCHUTZ at RUTGERS>
                Remailed-to: Thompson at RUTGERS, Platoff at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS
                    Peticolas at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS, Watrous at RUTGERS, Pleasa
                    G.Gold at SU-SCORE, Libes at RUTGERS, Touretzky at CMU-10A,
                    Jsol at USC-ECLB, Rinehart at RUTGERS, Leone at RU-GREEN at
                    Hird at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS, Turock at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS,
                    Stillman at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS, Zeve at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS
                    Evans at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS, Bank at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS,
                    Gprice at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS, Marantz at RUTGERS,
                    Magill at RU-GREEN at RUTGERS
                Via:     RUTGERS; 13 Feb 1982 2000-EST
                Remailed-To: Gail Kaiser at CMU-10A, Aaron Wohl at CMU-10A,
                             Peter Schwarz at CMU-10A,
                             Craig Everhart at CMU-10A, Joe Newcomer at CMU-10A,
                             Rick Gumpertz at CMU-10A
                Remailed-From: Dave Touretzky at CMU-10A
                Remailed-Date: 13 February 1982 2009-EST
                Via:     C410DT50 at CMU-10A; 13 Feb 1982 2009-EST
                Remailed-To: Lawrence Butcher at CMU-10A, Mike Kazar at CMU-10A,
                             David Nichols at CMU-10A, Philip Lehman at CMU-10A,
                             Bob Walker at CMU-10A, James Saxe at CMU-10A,
                             Carolyn Councill at CMU-10A,
                             Anne Rogers at CMU-10A, James Gosling at CMU-10A,
                             Brian Reid at CMU-10A, Andrea Michaels at CMU-10A,
                             Paul Hilfinger at CMU-10A, John Zsarnay at CMU-10A,
                             Beth Bottos at CMU-10A, Catherine Cole at CMU-10A,
                             Thomas Rodeheffer at CMU-10A,
                             Connie Gormley at CMU-10A, Mark Zaremsky at CMU-10A
                Remailed-From: Craig Everhart at CMU-10A
                Remailed-Date: Sunday, 14 February 1982 0015-EST
                Via:     C410CE10 at CMU-10A; 14 Feb 1982 0016-EST
                Mail-From: MUNOZ@GREEN created at 13-Feb-82 19:00:45
                Date: Saturday, 13 February 1982  18:59-EST
                From: Laz Munoz <MUNOZ at GREEN>
                To:   swhite at GREEN, ssmith at GREEN, zoback at GREEN, seitz a
                      selinger at GREEN, shulman at GREEN, kiesche at GREEN,
                      fischer at GREEN
                Subject: [HAGERTY: [animal@mit-ml: do not break this chain or yo
                Date: Saturday, 13 February 1982  18:43-EST
                From: C. Greg Hagerty <HAGERTY at RUTGERS>
                To:   rcarter at RU-GREEN, rohlfs at RU-GREEN, laird at RU-GREEN
                      munoz at RU-GREEN, joseph at RU-GREEN, tobin at RU-GREEN,
                      borkman at RU-GREEN, newcomb at RU-GREEN, gilroy at RU-GRE
                      gaal at RU-GREEN, Albin at RU-GREEN, Boehm at RU-GREEN,
                      Cretsinger at RU-GREEN, furman at RU-GREEN, horn at RU-GRE
                      josh at RU-GREEN, latzko at RU-GREEN, naberschnig at RU-GR
                      pichnarczyk at RU-GREEN, silber at RU-GREEN, laidlaw at RU
                Re:   [animal@mit-ml: do not break this chain or your machine ma
                Mail-from: ARPANET site MIT-AI rcvd at 13-Feb-82 1416-EST
                Date: 13 February 1982 13:55-EST
                From: animal@mit-ml
                Sender: ANIMAL at MIT-AI
                Subject: do not break this chain or your machine may crash
                To: ANIMAL at MIT-AI, jc40 at CMU-10B, raibert at CMU-20C,
                    morguee at CMU-20C, white at CIT-20, docke at CIT-20,
                    saffen at CIT-20, erik at CIT-20, tfalk at CIT-20,
                    johnson at RUTGERS, rsmith at RUTGERS
                cc: operator at SCRC-TENEX, operator at SU-SCORE, operator at AM
                    system at CIT-20, f-s at CIT-20, operator at RUTGERS,
                    f-s at RUTGERS

                Date: 10 Feb 1982 1937-EST
                From: Randy Haskins <uc.RGH>
                Subject: Pass it on
                To: nessus, uc.pws, uc.vark, uc.b, cat.trivi, ls.zaphod, g.hammy
                cc: uc.wjn, pao, ls.betsy, g.wjn, e.cheese
                Remailed-date: 12 Feb 1982 1217-EST
                Remailed-from: J. Scott Hamilton <G.HAMMY at MIT-EECS>
                Remailed-to: eric at MIT-EECS, jis at MIT-EECS, jaf at MIT-EECS,
                    g.mel at MIT-EECS, jsol at MIT-EECS, ls.bigmac at MIT-EECS
                Remailed-date: 12 Feb 1982 1416-EST
                Remailed-from: Joe Frisbie <JAF>
                Remailed-to: cl, uc.mike, g.wmh,, jtw, e.peggy,, jsl,
                    dcp, ls.uni, rz at MIT-MC, uc.tek, rll, aychu at MIT-AI, sha
                    uc.rdz, uc.plj, uc.rpk
                Remailed-date: 12 Feb 1982 2257-EST
                Remailed-from: Jon A. Rochlis <Uc.Jon>
                Remailed-to: EECS-Hackers: ;
                Remailed-date: 12 Feb 1982 2300-EST
                Remailed-from: J. Scott Hamilton <G.HAMMY at MIT-EECS>
                Remailed-to: Wizards: ;
                Remailed-date: 12 Feb 1982 2351-EST
                Trust in the LORD with all your heart and HE will acknowledge
                and HE will light the way.

                This prayer has been sent to you for good luck.  The original
                copy is from the Netherlands.  It has been around the world
                nine times.  The luck has now been brought to you.  You will
                receive good luck within four days of receiving this letter,
                provided in turn, you send it back out.  DO NOT SEND MONEY, FOR
                FAITH HAS NO PRICE.  Do not keep this letter.  It must leave you
                hands within 96 hours after you receive it.  An RAF officer
                received $70,000.  Joe Ellito received $450,000 and lost it
                because he broke the chain.  While in the Phillipines, General
                Welch lost his wife four days after he received this letter.  He
                failed to circulate the prayer.  However, before his death, he
                received $775,000.  Please send 20 copies and see what happens
                to you on the fourth day.  This chain comes from Venezuela, and
                was written by Saul Anthony deOziof, a missionary from South
                America.  I, myself, forward it to you.  Since the chain must
                make the tour of the world, you must make 20 identical copies
                to this one.  Sned it to your friends, parents, or associates.
                After a few days you will get a suprise.  This is true even
                if you are not superstitious.  Take note of the following.
                Constantine Dino received the chain in 1953.  He asked
                his secretary to make 20 copies and send them.  A few days later
                he won a lottery for $2,000,000 in his country.  Carlo Caditt,
                an office employee, received the chain.  He forgot it and a few
                days later he lost his job.  He found the chain letter and sent
                it to 20 people.  Five days later he got an even better job.
                Dolon Fairchild received the chain and not believing it, threw
                it away.  Nine days later he died.  For no reason whatsoever sho
                this chain be broken.  Remember, SEND NO MONEY.

                Please do not ignore this.  IT WORKS!
                - - - - End forwarded message - - - -

                ------- End of Forwarded Messa
                - - - - - - - End forwarded message
                - - - - - - - End forwarded message

Very early email luck chain letter with archaic address formats. Provided by Daniel R. Tobias on 11/18/2012.  Entered by DWV 11/25/2012

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