Exchange chain letter. Children's books. Send one book, six copies. US, 2006.

[Drawing of smiling child seated on floor            Send book to:
reading a book, facing left, all contained
in a rectangle]                                                                  Age:


                                                                        Move me up:




Sometime in the next week, have your mom and dad send a copy of this letter to
six of your friends.

Please send a children's book to the child whose name is at the top of this letter.
Then, omit that name, move my name up, and add your name below mine.  In
about two weeks, you will receive 36 books to read with your mom and dad.

Don't forget to put you name, city and state, and age if you want, on the inside
cover of the book you send. It will be great fun to see where all the books have
come from.

This project is part of the US Literacy Program designed to help young children
develop an interest in reading and has ben cleared by the US Post Office.

Hooray for young readers!!!

You will need to make 12 copies of this letter. Each friend gets a letter with your
name on it and one blank copy. If you don't wish to play, please send this letter
back to me. It wouldn't be fair to the other children if it wasn't continued.

Thank you for playing and happy reading!!!


Late generation photocopy of word processor original (right justified). Lines above as written but not justified. No envelope or names. Received in Oregon in 7/2006. Provided by Daniel Hinrichs. Entered by DWV, 7/25/2006.


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