World Record chain letter (no postcard exchange). Kids type. Send 1, six copies. US, 1999.


       This chain letter started in Germany in 1991.
If it goes through we will be in the Guiness book of
records and your name will be in it!  This letter has
not been broken yet so PLEASE do not spoil it for
everyone.  We want to break the record.  Copy this word
for word and send it to six kids.  Also please send a postcard
to the first person at the tip of the list on the back.  Then
remove their name and add your name at the end of the list.
Please send the letters in 4 days, you will receive 84 postcards
from around the world.  This letter has been approved by
the United States Postal Service as an educational
project for kids.  Please don't forget.

[names and addresses cut off]

Sent to VanArsdale by mail after email communication. Provider cut off names.


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