Exchange chain letter. Scratch lottery tickets. Send one, six copies. Two names. US, 1996.

This is a scratch and win contest. To play send an instant scratch and win ticket to the person listed below as number 1.

After you send him/her a scratch and win ticket, remove his/her name from the list.

Place my name (name #2) in the # 1 Position and put your name in the #2 Position. Only my name and your name should appear on the new letter.

Then send a copy of this letter and a scratch and win ticket to six (6) other people.

This is not a chain letter. It is just for the fun of scratching and winning. If you cannot do this within 6 days, Please notify me as it would be unfair to those who do participate.

Lets spend a few dollars and see if we can't make someone happy or rich or both. Remember, it could be you.

You receive 36 tickets. It will be fun to see the different tickets to scratch and win!!

If you don't want to play send this ticket on to the first person on the Letter.

#1   Peggy E*****                                                     #2.  Carmen Ezell
       P.O.Box ***                                                                P.O.Box ***
      Jamestown, IN.                                                            Mortons Gap Ky.
     42440                                                                             46147

Typed (?) on multi-color commercial Christmas stationery. Mailed Dec. 5, 1996 from Mortons Gap, KY. Contained a Kentucky "scratch and win" lottery ticket. Addresses in italics. Note on back: "If you win send it back and I will cash it for you and send you a check for the amount. Ezell."  Paragraphs preserved. Provided by Carmen Ezell to D. VanArsdale.


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