Exchange chain letter. Send one recipe, six copies. Two names. US, 1996.

Recipe Tree

This is a recipe tree. There is no money involved. It is fun and legal.

Step #1: Before moving to sep #2, please send a copy of your favorite recipe to the person labeled "A".

Step #2: Copy and send this letter to six people, changing the names below. No recipe, only your name should appear on the list. Move my name to position "A" and yours to "B". We should each receive 36 recepies. It will be fun to see where the recepies come from.

Step #3. If you cannot do this within a week, please send this letter to me so that it won't spoil the tree for the rest of the players. I am letter "B".

A. [name and address]                                         B. [name and address]

"One of my friends got a . . . chain letter recently" (Feb. 10, 1996). Supplied by Elena Suponeva via email from Carleton, CA. Original format unknown. Two names, omitted.


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