Exchange chain letter. Send one T-shirt, ten copies. Two names.  US, 1995.

Bruce R. Ekstrand
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Campus Box 40
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80308-0040

Charles R. Middleton, Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder
Campus Box 275
Boulder Campus

Dear Chuck:

You're invited to join the community and university colleagues around the country in a little fun.   Here's how to participate:

Please send one T-shirt from your organization to the person listed in the number one position below.   Update this letter and send copies to ten of your colleagues.   Only your name and mine should appear at the bottom of the list.

Move my name to the #1 position below and yours to the #2 position.   You should receive a goodly number of T-shirts in your size.   If you cannot send the letter on to ten people within seven days, please return it to me so that I can reroute it.   However, I encourage sending it out--it could be fun to see where your T-shirts come from.

Remember to include your shirt size beside your name.      Enjoy.

Bruce R. Ekstrand

#1   William F. Prokasy (XL)                 #2      Bruce R. Ekstrand (XL)
       University of Georgia                               University of Colorado
       108 Old College                                        Campus Box 40
       Athens,  GA 30602-1691                          Boulder, CO 80309-0040

I got this from the VC at Georgia. I thought you might insert it into the A&S Deans network. Hope we get some interesting shirts. Bruce

Fixed width font, Word Processor letter collected by Preston. Formal headings. Handwritten note at bottom.


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