Exchange chain letter. Panty Parade. Send 1, 6 copies, 2 names. US, 1992.
                                        This is a Panty Parade

     Send a pair of panties to  the #1 person on the list  below,
and send this letter to six of your funniest girlfriends.

     Only your  name and mine should appear  on the list when you
send them.   Move my name to the #1 position and put your name as
#2 on the six letters you send.

     This is not a chain letter!!  It's just for fun!  If you are
not able to participate  within 6 days, please notify  me because
it would be unfair to those of us who do.

     A  large  manila envelope  or the  equivalent will  mail the
panties just  fine.  You  should receive  36 paris of  NEW (let's
make that clear), NEW, NEW panties  in the mail.  It will  be fun
to see where they all came from  and just how creative people can
be.  WE can always use a new pair of panties, or two, or  in this
case.....36!!  So don't drop out!!

     Remember, 36 pairs of panties for the price of ONE!

                              !!JOIN THE PANTY PARADE CLUB TODAY!!

#1  Angie M****          Size 5/6 == Medium
    6*** S. Old 37
    Bloomington, IN

#2  Buffie V*****         Size 5/6 == Medium
    2*** W. Fullerton Pk.
    Bloomington, IN

Photocopy of typed original. Keystrokes preserved. Collected by William F. Hansen, Bloomington, IN in Dec. 1992.


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