Exchange chain letter. Send 1 dish towel, 6 copies. 2 names. US, 1992.
April 14, 1992

Dear Mary Beth,

This is a dish towel club, not a chain letter, although it may look suspiciously like a one. Send a NEW dish towel to the person listed at the Number 1 position below, and send a copy of this letter to 6 people. The letters you send will include only your name and mine. Move my name to the Number 1 position, and put your name as Number 2.
                               #1.     Susan G****
                                         6** Ballantine Road
                                         Bloomington, IN 47401

                               #2.     Lisa T******
                                         4*** Tanglewood
                                         Bloomington, IN 47404

Remember, this is NOT a chain letter, it is just fun. If everyone plays along, you will receive 36 towels. A large manila envelope will mail the towel easily.

If you can't do this in 6 days, please call me because its not fair to those who do participate. Remember, 36 towels for the price of one!

                                                                  Lisa Townsend

Word processor letter with illustrated letterhead. Dated April 14, 1992. Paragraphs preserved. Collected by William Hansen from Lisa Townsend, both from Bloomington, IN.


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