Exchange chain letter. Send 1 recipe, 4 copies, 2 names. US, 1983.

Cecili ******                                                                     Sara ****
**** Sharon Heights Apts.                                               *** Milton Ave.
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514                                                    Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514

Dear Marcia

This is a chain letter for a recipe club. If you are interested in participating,
please send a copy of your favorite recipe to the two names at the top, then
rewrite the letter, putting your name top left and mine top right and send it
to four cooks you think won't find it too much of a bore. Soon you should receive
twenty recipes from all over. My apologies for the imposition. Although I
have found that chains rarely work, I figured that this one might be worth a
try and got involved, therefore, somewhat against my will. Thanks.



Typewritten letter "sent to Marcia 1980-1985." Collected by W. F. Hansen, Bloomington, Indiana.  Lines preserved.


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