Exchange chain letter. Send 1 postcard and 8 copies. Five names. For the discriminating collector. US, 1981. 

                    POSTCARD CHAIN

This is a fun postcard chain for the discriminating collec-
tor.   Please send a postcard to the first person on the
list, relating to the categoires described.   Remove the
name at the top and add yours to the bottom.   Then copy
this letter eight times and mail it to eight friends, who
will continue the entertaining chain.

In eighteen days, you will receive two hundred postcards.
This letter should be mailed within three days of receipt,
or the chain will be broken.   It started in January 1973.
Please do not break it.   If you don't want to participate,
inform the person who sent it to you, so he or she can
send the invitation to another postcard collector.

                        T H A N K S !

Elliott O****                         Freud, whales, whaling,
82* Dexter Street                     cemeteries, Vienna,
Santa Rosa                            pre-1948 Palestine,
California 95404                      naked women

Barbara K***********-G*******         Food or eating
23* Bowery
New York, New York 10002

Susan A. Stewart                      Italy, 19th and early
65** Germantown Avenue                20th century Paris,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119      The Circus, literary
                                      postcard, postcards about
                                      postcards or collections

Lee H*****                            Africa
6* Plaza Street, apt. 1M
Brooklyn New York 11238

Gerald E. W********
                                      Corny (kitsch) greetings from
1* Grace Court                        corny places, retro-futuro
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201                  aesthetics, news from
                                      nowhere, American stupidness

Photocopy of typed original. Keystrokes preserved. Collected by William Hansen, Bloomington, IN in March, 1981. Written on the back is a list of 24 names (11 of them crossed out) and  the following postcard collecting interests: color blue, places of pop. under 1000, portraits, celebrations, beverages, hand-made cards, old photos.


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