Exchange chain letter. Send 1 recipe and four copies. 2 (?) names. US, 1979.


Dear Ann,

        This is a recipe club. There is no money
involved, just good eating. Send one recipe to the
first name, then eliminate the top name.
Add yours to the bottom of the list.

        If you cannot send a copy of
this letter to 4 of your friends within
4 days, please return it to me so we
can keep it going and not spoil it for

       You should receive 124 recipes.
It's fun to see where they come from.

             Thank you and bon appetit!



Handwritten letter dated 7-5-79. Lines preserved here. Names deleted in received copy. Numbered one and two as above, but there may have been more. Declared total does not fit formula n exp 4 for any n. 


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