Exchange chain letter. Send one recipe. Two names, quota four copies. US, 1959.

    Mrs. W. Luzan
    **** Faysmith Avenue
    Torrance, Calif.

    Mrs. James Montgomery
    **** Jacques Street
    Torrance, Calif.

This is a Recipe Club. Please send one of your favorite recipes to the top name on this list within 4 days. Then send copies of this letter to four (4) of your friends, omitting the top name on this; adding yours in the 2nd place. Your name will come up next, and you should receive 16 good recipes. It's fun to see where they come from. If you do not care to join, please send this back to me. Please do not break the chain. This is not illegal as no money is involved - - just good cooking.

Handwritten letter (on two sides of 6" by 8" sheet). Mailed to Mrs. Phyllis Cloyd, Torrance, California from a member of her bridge club in Torrance. Postmarked Sept 13. 1959. Supplied by Phylis to DWV.


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