Exchange chain letter (postcard). Postcards. Send 1, 4 names, 4 copies. US, 1954.


                                                                                  Boston, June 1, 1954

Dear Friend:  Please send a postcard view to 1st name on list.  Don't mention it again & put yours on 4th place.  Copy the text on 4 postcards and send them to 4 of your friends (especially young people).  In 3 weeks you should get 256 postcards.  Don't break link to the game please.  Sincerely, L. Huggard

Say Hello to Leonard.

[Following addresses written at right angles to above text, next to 3c postage stamp.]

Willy Oberli
Kindern, Sonnmatt
Peter Straumann
% Dr. Med
R. Straumann
Albert Pelletier
11 Rue Gounad
Paris, France
L. Huggard
98 West Cedar
Boston, Mass.

Picture postcard (chrome, Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge, N.H.). Postmarked June 1, 1954 in Boston. Addressed to Mr. Ronald Craig in Shawmut, Maine. Reformatted - original  text was 17 lines on left half of address side of postcard. Provided by Sue Snow, Skowhegan, Me. Ebay 51786978. Collected by D. VanArsdale.


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