Exchange chain letter (postcard). The Tea Towel Club. "In 3 days make 6 copies ..." US, 1948.

Mrs. Frankie Brown. Route 1. Nevada, Tex.
Miss Lucilee Wolfe. 2901 N. Fitzhugh. Apt. 1. Dallas, Tex.

         In 3 days make 6 copies of this card,
leaving off top name, and adding yours to
the bottom.  Send tea towel to top name. Pin
your name on towel. Don't fail to continue
this club. When your name reaches the top
you will receive 36 tea towels. It is fun to
see where they come from.

                              The Tea Towel Club

Government issue postal card (UX27) postmarked in Josephine, Texas on Feb. 17, 1948. Addressed to Miss Olna Haynes, 5351 Bonita St., Dallas, Tex. No return address. Above text written on back in landscape format, lines preserved. Entered 6/21/2012 by DWV.


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