Exchange chain letter (postcard). View Cards. Six names, send six, five copies.  US, 1947.  

Chain exchange. Make 5 copies
and send to 5 friends. Leave off
top name and add yours to bottom.
Send a view card to each name below.
Alice Budhomme
31 Arken Ave. Lowell, Mass
Mrs. W. M. Heflin
 Rte. 2. Starxville, Miss.
    Morris Weitz
     Rte. 1 Oak St.  So. Amboy  N.J.
    Helen R. Brinckeroff
      914 Palm Dr. Glendale 2, Calif.
    Josiah F. Hobart
    220 - 27 St. Sacramento 16
Mrs. C. E. Nelson
  3265 W 13th St.
      Erie  Pa.

View card (Bathing Beach, Peninsula Drive, Erie, Pa.)  Postmarked Sept. 2, 1947 in  Erie, Pa.  Addressed to Miss Helen Englema, Route 4, New England, N. Dak. Purchased on eBay, 6/2015. Entered by DWV, 6/29/2015.


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