Exchange chain letter (postcard). Postcards. Send 1 to each of 5 names. 5 copies. US, 1947.

Send a card to each home leave                  Sent 1.
top name off add yours to bottom send        sent 2.
to 5 people who collect cards.

Mrs Paul Epler
707 Spruce Ave.
Sidney Ohio

Mrs Lillie Wade
rt 302227
Molalla Oregon

Mrs Hattie Nickles
Rrt B27
Freeville, N.Y.

Mrs Helen Barley
P. O Box 102
Portland Indiana

1744 Summerfield St.
  Brooklyn 27, N. Y

Image of postcard, copied from auction listing by DWV. View: Hotel Sinton in Cleveland, Ohio. Postmarked in Brooklyn N.Y. on March 2, 1947. Addressed to Mrs. Ida Sanforfd, 31 1/2 Cony St., Augusta, Maine. Final name & address in list (Edith Towey) is by a stamp, in blue ink. "Mollala" corrected above. Entered by DWV, 7/26/2013.


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