Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send one view card to each of five names. Five copies. US, 1945. 

Postcard club
     Send each member
below a picture postcard. Leave
off top name and add yours
to bottom. Make 5 copies -
send to friends.

1.   Lily Blanch McMillan
      Rt. 1  Box 103
      Liberty, Texas
2.   Lila Lee Denning
      Rt. 1   Box 223
      Woodland  Wash
3.   Edith Carpenter
      Rt. 3  Box 129
      Galan  Virginia
4.   Dorothy Adams
      1422 Minor St.
      West Chester  PA
5.   Hazel Yamans
      P.O. Box 2377
      Honolulu, 7,  A St.

Picture postcard - Pearl Harbor in 1840 (From a contemporary engraving). Postmarked in Honolulu, Nov. 26, 1945. Addressed to Francis Young, Hickory, Kentucky. Received stamp: Dec. 17, 1945. Transcribed from an auction photo. Lines preserved. Entered by DWV, 11/25/2012.


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