Exchange chain letter (postcard). Send 3 postcards and 5 postcard copies of message. "Future Card Club." US, 1942.

Future Card Club.
1.  Irene Underwood
     Beards Fork, West Va.
2. Mrs. W. Wells - 119 Lindsey Ave.
     Toronto - Ont. Canada
3. Mrs. U. E. Webb - 157 Brown
    Anderson, S.C.
_ _ _ _ _ _ ___________________
Make 5 copies. Send to 5
card pals. Omit top name.
Add yours to bottom. Send
a card to all names on this
card. And receive over 100 cards.

Picture postcard (Number one building, Arcade, KFNF Broadcasting Studio, Henry Field Seed Co., Shenandoah, IA.). Postmarked Oct. 21, 1942 in Anderson, S.C. Addressed to Mrs. Frank England, 5926 Wickham Ave., Sussex Hilton, Newport News, Va. Handwritten in blue ink. Lines preserved. Ebay lot 6223918463 closing 11/12/05. Provided by Richard E. Joiner. Entered by DWV, 11/17/05.


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